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How to Find the Right Specialist with Doctify

22 Jul 2015 4:43 PM
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.Written by Gurminder for Doctify

Our fast-paced lifestyles don’t allow much time for us to be ill; therefore we at Doctify believe it is key to be proactive about your healthcare. A great healthcare specialist will help you stay well and aid you to health when you are not feeling yourself.

Doctify is a new online market place for health services helps you in a few key steps to find a doctor, which will work best for you and your family.

Here are a few steps on how to find the right specialist:

Close to home

When you are not quite feeling yourself, it is hard to travel far and wide for a healthcare expert that will suit you. Doctify allows patients to find a specialist that is close by and can cater to your specialist needs. You can feel confident visiting a specialist that can provide you with an appointment close to home.

Insurance and specialty

With Doctify you can narrow down your search for specialists based on specialty and payment option or private insurance as well as gender and language(s) of the healthcare provider. You can search from 3,000 specialists in London and South-East England – and soon amongst more than 30,000 specialists across all of the UK.

Find out more about your specialist

All Doctify specialists have an individual profile that gives you the opportunity to find out more about their expertise before you visit them. Each profile includes their education and medical background so that you can feel confident in the healthcare you receive.

Specialist’s Rating and Reviews

It’s important as a patient to feel like you are seeing the right specialist and will receive the right treatment. Doctify’s rating & review feature makes it easy for you to get an insight into the quality of healthcare services provided.

Once you have done your research and found the right specialist for you, book an appointment. Remember to leave a rating and review for the specialist you choose, so you can help other patients make the right decision for their healthcare.


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