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Hypnobirthing is a technique where women can self-hypnotise themselves whilst giving birth in order for a more peaceful and calm birth experience. It involves breathing and relaxation techniques that you can employ during your labour in order for you feel more in control of the experience.

How is the procedure performed? (Hypnobirthing)

Before the birth of your baby, you will go to hypnobirthing classes in order to learn and practise techniques that you can use during the real thing. You will learn special breathing and relaxation skills alongside how to self-hypnotise. The idea is for you to be able to replicate this during your labour. Through hypnobirthing you will discover that giving birth doesn’t have to be an agonising experience, in fact some women even find it very relaxing and pleasant.

How to prepare for the procedure? (Hypnobirthing)

When you first become pregnant you may think about what you want during your labour, this is called birth planning. You may want to consider if you want a home birth, a water birth and how much medication you want. Hypnobirthing is one of the options to choose, it may be useful talking to a family member or friend who has been through hypnobirthing to ask them about their experience. If you have further questions about hypnobirthing it is important that you speak to a specialist obstetric doctor.

What happens after the procedure? (Hypnobirthing)

There is nothing specific to consider after the procedure but enjoying your little one.


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