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Imaging (Scans)

Imaging (Scans)

What is an Imaging (Scans) Centre?

Radiology is a diagnostic medical speciality for the review of medical images such as X-ray, CT scans and MRI scans. Radiologists may also provide therapies such as targeted injections using ultrasound machines and may also take tissue biopsies for the diagnosis of different conditions.

When to see an Imaging (Scans) Centre?

What is an imaging (scans) centre?

Imaging (scans) centres house medical practitioners whose expertise is in radiographic imaging. Diagnostic radiography includes such procedures as x-rays, CT scans and MRI scans to identify a number of medical issues. Doctify provides access to some of the best imaging centres and imaging hospitals in London, ensuring that your scan procedure is carefully undertaken and thoroughly analysed. Many of these centres may also take additional biopsies for further research and to ensure a thorough diagnosis. Whether you are looking for an MRI scan in London or an x-ray in London, it is important that you talk to the leading experts in this field and find a top rated radiology imaging expert near to you.

Information on sub-specialties

  • Xray- X-rays have been around since 1895 and remain a key component to the diagnosis of many conditions. They are used by a wide range of specialties to review many parts of the body, for example, chest, abdomen, bones and skull.

Common conditions treated by an Imaging (Scans) Centre


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Top Clinics and Hospitals where specialists perform Imaging (Scans)