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What is an Orthotics?

Orthotics is a medical specialty dedicated to design and apply orthoses which are external devices (mechanical or electromechanical) used to improve the structural and functional capacities of the neurovascular and musculoskeletal system. Some conditions which benefit from the use of orthotics are cerebral palsy and patients who have experienced a stroke and have reduced limb functionality. However, some patients are born with congenitally abnormal muscles/joints, and some patients’ abnormal functionalities are due to degenerative diseases or traumatic injury. An orthotist is the medical specialist qualified to fit patients with orthoses, and are highly involved in the design and manufacture of each custom-made orthosis to enhance the quality of treatment.

Orthoses can be used for a vast range of reasons: they allow control over a joint or body part, assist movement generally, resist movement in a painful joint, reduce weight-bearing and correct the shape/function of body parts. Foot orthotics involves implanting custom-made implants into a shoe to assist in realigning the foot joints and providing extra support.

When to see an Orthotics?

There isn’t much to do in terms of preparation for the actual fitting procedure, though it is advised to consult family, friends and anyone else who may have used orthotics at some point in their life so that you may be ready for any necessary lifestyle adjustments you may have to make.

Common procedures performed by an Orthotics


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