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Our story

The idea for Doctify started when one of our founders, Stephanie, was lost when she was trying to find a doctor for herself. Despite working as a surgeon in London, she was unsure where to find a doctor that specialised in treating her particular concern. She felt that relying on word of mouth or a simple search result on Google couldn't be the only answer to finding the right doctor. She turned to her best friend, Suman, also a doctor, and so began the start of their journey to find a solution that would ultimately help other people in similar situations. The dream of creating a platform that would bring together patients and doctors was born. Driven by Stephanie’s and Suman’s vision, we at Doctify are passionate about helping patients to find the right specialist by providing them with the right guidance and information.

Our mission

Rooted in our experience and understanding of both the personal and professional sides of healthcare, we are driven by a passionate belief that technology can greatly enhance the relationship between patients and health specialists. We are working on making our patients’ lives easier and our health specialists’ interactions more fulfilling. We are striving to continuously nurture and improve the understanding between patients and health specialists – because a better relationship can only make for better health. Stephanie: "London has some of the very best health specialists in the UK and it is our dream to bring patients and doctors together. Our health is the most precious thing we have. We want to help people find the right health specialist, and provide them with the right guidance when they need it most."