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Favero Dental
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18 Wimpole Street, 1st Floor

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Mon–Fri: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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Dental ImplantsFrom £999




Favero Dental Clinic, situated in Wimpole Street, provides a wide range of dental treatments from Dental implants, to veneers, Invisalign and Teeth Whitening to Check-ups and Facial Aesthetic treatments. 

The Favero Dental Clinic London is the most exciting addition to the Favero Italian Dental chain which operates across Italy and now in London (UK). The Favero family is committed to investing in the latest and most advanced equipment and facilities.

Favero Dental Clinic is now offering a holistic approach to dentistry.

Our friendly team is on hand ready to welcome new and existing patients with sympathetic and accommodating approach, making sure that your visit to the dentist is as pleasant as possible.

We realise that it is a great privilege to be able to treat you in this competitive world and we will never abuse the trust you place in us.

We have invested in the latest technology of digital x-rays (90% less radiation than conventional techniques), oral cancer
screening, intra oral cameras, in a relaxed and friendly environment with light candles and essential oil, so patients
can relax whilst having treatment.

We take care to use biocompatible materials to reduce toxicity for all patients especially those who may be chemically
sensitive. We believe that mercury is very damaging to the human body and if required we will remove your amalgam filling safely, under a strict protocol.

We offer all kind of routine and special dentistry.

“I want to offer my patients something very special. For me, dentistry should never be about pain or fear.
Instead it should be about nurturing your health, happiness and wellbeing.

A beautiful smile lifts the soul, and the experience of having a dental makeover should make you smile! What better way to feel nurtured and happy than by indulging in our Luxury Makeover Package.”


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To all the staff at the Favero practice, you have all been very kind and efficient and I am always happy to recommend you! Thank you!