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The Functional Gut Clinic is the UK’s first dedicated, independent GI Physiology service. Our core interest is to use state of the art technology to try and understand how your gut is functioning and to identify what is causing your troublesome symptoms.

The Functional Gut Clinic provides an innovative service for independent gastrointestinal physiology, which relies on the technology of the latest standard available in order to understand the functional aspect of the gut and what actually is causing the troublesome symptoms. This functional approach allows a better understanding and more precise identification of the exact problem, which means that a targeted therapeutic strategy can be applied, based on the best available science and evidence.

The clinic also provides support services such as dietetics and bowel re-training therapy to assist the treatment plan. This is the only UKAS accredited GI Physiology service in the UK.

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Treatments and Fees
This test enables us to measure how much volume your rectum can hold and tells us how sensitive the rectum is. To do this a small tube with a small balloon attached to it is passed into your back passage. We then inflate the balloon with air to determine what you can feel and the capacity of your rectum. During the test we also look for the presence of a nerve reflex in your back passage.
For the colonic transit test, you will be asked to swallow 5 small capsules that we send to you approximately 100-hours before your scan. The capsules contains 50 plastic markers which can be seen on an x-ray. On the day of your appointment you will have an x-ray of your abdomen, which will show up any markers left in your bowel.
A hydrogen and methane breath test provides information about the digestion of certain sugars or carbohydrates, such as milk sugar (lactose) or fruit sugar (fructose). This will help determine if you are intolerant to or can’t digest certain sugars. One example is lactose (milk sugar) intolerance, a disorder in which people develop symptoms after eating foods such as dairy products or which contain lactose as an additive.
IBSchek is a new blood test has been developed to look for biomarkers that identify whether a previous gut infection has caused a reaction which could affect gut function.
Oesophageal manometry (also called oesophageal motility) is a procedure to measure the strength and function of your oesophagus and provides information about how the muscles in your throat and oesophagus work as food and liquids pass from the mouth to the stomach.
Endo-anal ultrasound test can tell if the muscles around your back passage are intact or damaged. To do this, a finger sized probe is inserted into your back passage and gently moved in and out so that we can take scans (pictures) at different positions in your back passage. This procedure can be little uncomfortable, but is not painful.
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