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Urology Partners


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Spire Clare Park Hospital
GU10 5XX, Farnham, Surrey




The 8 Urology Partners have joined forces with the desire of providing modern, innovative and effective care to our patients. Founded in 2006, Urology Partners ensure that the highest standrads of urological advice is easily available and that, where necessary, the appropriate sub specialist input israpidly available. In 2018, we welcomed 4 more consultants to our team, each bringing with them a specific area of expertise and have worked with our current consultants in their NHS roles. Their addition into the practice allows us to offer extra clinics across London, Surrey and Hampshire and spreading into Berkshire.Each partner is recognised by the GMC as having completed their specialist training in urology and all are dedicated to ensuring the highest possible standards are maintained throughout the partnership.

Why Choose Urology Partners?

  • Expert consultant led care – our consultants are leading Urologists with high levels of expertise. Particular subspecialist areas include start of the art prostate cancer diagnostics, robotic kidney surgery and minimally invasive stone surgery. They are continually involved in new and ground breaking treatments. You will meet with your consultant at all of your clinic appointments and receive a dedicated and detailed treatment and care plan. Our consultants offer care throughout the year.
  • Convenient and prompt appointments – we can offer clinic appointments every day of the week throughout Surrey and Hampshire at the hospitals our consultants practice from.
  • Specialist nursing Care – our specialist Urology Nurses not only provide expert care but continuing and ongoing support throughout your care with us.
  • Excellent hospital choice – our consultants practice from Spire, BMI and Nuffield Hospitals, all of which have an excellent record of care and treatment for their patients.
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