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Dr Andrew Bradford
Dr Andrew Bradford
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General Medical Council: 4115308




Dr Bradford has been a rehabilitation specialist and primary care doctor, working both in the  UK and recently in Australia. His current practice focuses on helping patients with physical and psychological impairment who wish to improve their lifestyle choices and lead a healthier, active and more fulfilled life. He has had experience in complex mental health issues, substance misuse, alcohol dependence, general practice and functional medicine. He has had experience dealing with complex disability, neurological disease and rehabilitation. Dr Bradford has had experience as a community based physician, prison medicine and with drug dependence services.
Integrative psychological interventions can be very effective for people who are limited or  'stuck'. People with health anxiety, compulsivity, obsessiveness or actual phobias impacting their life choices. Individuals  who are struggling with self-identity, sexual health, poor self-esteem, and low self-confidence.

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Dr Bradford completed undergraduate degrees including BMSc and MBChB and a post-graduate MD from Dundee University. He completed his GP training in 2002 and also trained as a Neurological Rehabilitation Consultant and worked as a Neurologial Rehabilitation Specialist in Newcastle Upon Tyne. He is a member of the Royal Colleges of General Practice in the UK & Australia.

Dr Bradford has been a member of RCP,  honorary University clinical lecturer and clinical  tutor.  He completed an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and has trained in psychological interventions for health. He deals with a wide range of health issues involving psychological interventions for well-being and rehabilitation. He has experience working with neurological rehabilitation, substance misuse, alcohol dependence, pain management, complex mental health issues, men's health and primary care.