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Dr Chelvi Kukendrarajah
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Child Mental Health
Paediatric Neurology




Dr Chelvi Kukendrarajah is a Consultant Paediatrician and Lead Clinician for the Central North West London Foundation Trust Community Paediatric Services in Hillingdon. She is a Consultant Paediatrician with an excellent record of training and many years of clinical experience. After graduation, she trained in Paediatrics and obtained her Membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics. In 2003, and `she is a Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics in 2003.

Dr Kukendrarajah worked in the internationally renowned National Centre for Social Communication disorder, Harper House Children's Service in Radlett and in various Teaching hospitals such as St Mary's Paddington and The Royal Free Hospital, London. During her Paediatric training she specialised in Neurodevelopmental problems and Neurodisabilities and received a Masters degree at the University College London (UCL).  Dr Kukendrarajah is fully trained and experienced in the use of specialist instruments such as standardised assessments 3Di - Developmental, Dimensional and Diagnostic Interview, DISCO, diagnostic interview check list for neurodevelopmental assessment, and Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) and Bayley III.

Dr Kukendrarajah has a particular interest and extensive experience in the diagnosis and management of social communication disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorders and co existing conditions ADHD, Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (Dyspraxia), Learning Difficulties, and Sleeping and Feeding disorders.

She has wide experience of working with a multi disciplinary team consisting of Speech and Language Therapists, Clinical Psychologists, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. In addition she has considerable experience in collaborative work with a wider Paediatric network, and agencies such as Education and Social Services.

Her approach is child and family centered, which empowers them to make informed decisions and choices. She provides robust, evidence based developmental diagnoses, which many parents find invaluable in helping to choose interventions and secure support for their children.

Dr Kukendrarajah sometimes provides private joint assessments with highly specialist speech and language therapists for the
Diagnosis and Management of Autism Spectrum Disorder and associated conditions such as ADHD, Challenging Behaviour, sleep and feeding problems. 

She has a team of highly specialist Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational therapists, Clinical Psychologists and
jointly works with Child Psychiatrists.

Speech and language therapists in her Team use Attention Autism intervention developed by Gina Davis, a tool with a proven record predominantly in preschool and primary school children. Therapists who regularly attend ADOS-2 reliability in order to independently validate the scoring of ADOS -2 assessment. They have more 80% reliability rating. 

In her NHS role, in line with the recommendations of NICE, Dr Kukendrarajah has developed an excellent  service for  Autism Spectrum Disorder and some of the co-existing conditions. She produced a comprehensive Assessment Tool which has proved invaluable and is now beginning to be recognised for use by other service providers.

 Dr. Kukendrarajah continuously reviews and updates her skills in line with current evidence and NICE/SIGN guidelines to achieve and maintain high quality services. She hold several 'Clinical Excellence Awards' for her hard work in the NHS.



Community.scope.org.uk - Parents and carers


My 22 month old was recently diagnosed with Mild Cerebral Palsy.I had been to see so
many people and all missed the diagnosis. I seen a lady,after researching
myself, in the Clementine Churchill Hospital, Sudbury Hill, Harrow, HA1 3RX.
Her name is Dr. Chelvi Kukendra-Rajah and she is fantastic. Diagnosed him in
first consultation and referred me to a brilliant physiotherapist. I did go
private with BUPA for this consultation and his MRI but she does work in
Hillingdon NHS hospital in a child development centre and that’s where I seen
the physio too.



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Special Interests

Prompt access to expert medical care from birth to 16 years. I can help with all of the following and much more.

Autism Spectrum Disorder, 

ADHD and Developmental Coordination Disorder (otherwise known as Dyspraxia)

Assessment for children with child health,development, neurodevelopment problems and behavioural problems

Cerebral Palsy, feeding and sleeping problems ,Epilepsy 

Dr Kukendrarajah has a group of highly specialist multidisciplinary team (Speech and language therapist, occupational, physiotherapist and clinical psychologist) who will provide intervention to maximise the child’s developmental potential.



Primary Medical Qualification:

MBBS University of Peradeniya,Srilanka

LRCP 1988 Royal College of Physicians of London

MRCS 1988 Royal College of Surgeons of England

MRCP 1993 Royal College of Physicians of London

MSc in Community Child Health 1998 ICH London.

FRCPCH 2002 Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health England

Specialist Register entry date:

General Paediatrics From 21 Jun 1999

Paediatrics (Paediatric Community Child Health) From 21 Jun 1999



Brilliant... full of knowledge and plenty of information. Appointment quick and easy to get. Welcoming


Dr Kukendra completed an extremely comprehensive assessment of my daughter. She was professional, friendly and down to earth. She found important diagnostic details that had been overlooked at other medical appointments. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. A local Paediatrician told me that Dr Kukendra’s diagnostic report was excellent.


Excellent service


Our daughter saw Dr Kukendrarajah twice and was ultimately diagnosed with 22q11.2 syndrome which is a rare and often undiagnosed condition. Throughtout the process Dr Kukendrarajah was professional and caring, paying a lot of attention to our daughter's anxieties and fears, trying to ensure that any examinations or outpatient assessments were done in a way to minimise, as much as possible, the stress our daughter would be under. Dr Kukendrarajah also spent a lot of time outside of consultations analysing information. She would phone us and ask follow up questions, we have the impression that she spent a good deal of time trying to work out our daughter's diagnosis and we're very grateful that she put so much work in. After she was diagnosed Dr Kukendrarajah has kept in contact with us to ensure that both our daughter and ourselves are coping okay and are getting access to the care needed. We very much appreciate the extra time Dr Kukendrarajah has given us and the support she still provides.


My wife and I saw Dr Kukendrarajah in regards to our sons ASD diagnosis. She was very understanding and supportive and she is good with children as she made our ASD son comfortable as he cooperated well with her. Many thanks for your support and finding out additional diagnosis we did not suspect.


We are very grateful for all information and support received before, during and after the consultation. Dr. Kukendra was nicely interacting with us for diagnosing ADS. She looks knowledgeable on the topic and beside the report on the consultation, she provided reach resources for our information. She helped us as well with contacting other necessary specialists.


My wife and I went to see Dr Kukendrarajah regarding our son who we felt was showing signs of autism. We managed to obtain an appointment and we were seen at the Portland Hospital. Dr Kukendrarajah observed our son and took a medical history from us. She was extremely welcoming, understanding and listened to our concerns. After taking our son for an ADOS test by a SLT she recommended she saw us again very promptly. She answered our concerns and once she had sent us her report was happy to follow up with a phone call to check we understood everything and clarify any points for us. This whole process took two weeks. Her secretary was very prompt to answer emails and very courteous when answering the phone. I can strongly recommend Dr Kukendrarajah if you are looking for a doctor to assist with autism.


We recently saw Dr Kukendra about our teenage son. She organised a comprehensive set of tests and evaluations in order to be able to diagnose him successfully. She has been incredibly helpful, going way beyond what is expected, including weekend phone calls to check on his progress and even attending a meeting at my sons school. Her team, especially Sarah, has dealt with us with empathy and understanding at a difficult time. Dr Kukendra's involvement in our sons welfare has been genuine and invaluable. I can't recommend her highly enough.


Dr Kukendra was friendly, informative and reassuring when we went to see her about our son's development. She put our son at ease and helped us to understand how we can support him. She was very prompt and helpful. We recommend her for her knowledge and friendly manner.


Reassuring manner. Clearly very experienced and competent. Produced diagnosis and report quickly. A great help.


Doc Chelvi has been an invaluable support for both me and my son at a time of great uncertainity. She is professional, approachable, reliable and kind.


Chelvi is a really good and understanding doctor. Very thorough in what she does And really gets to the bottom of the issue. She addresses each and every concern and you feel comfortable around her. She is not one to sugarcoat the problem but that's exactly what my husband and I didn't want. We travel from Leicester to see her and have been late because of the unexpected traffic on a few occasions but she has been more than accommodating. She genuinely wants to help parents and you can see that. I have seen many doctors in Leicester for my son and wouldn't be travelling all the way to London for nothing, she is worth it.


I can't express enough how glad we are that we got a second opinion from Dr Kukendra, both her and her team are outstanding. We received the diagnosis we always believed was correct and it has changed our daughters life so much, she is now educated in specialist provision and the change in her is remarkable. The appointment was quick, follow up appointments arranged swiftly and worth every penny, I recommend her to a friend who has found the process equally as positive. My sincere gratitude goes to Dr Kukendra and her team.


having travelled from scotland to see dr kukendrarajah. i was not disappointed. her kindness, knowledge and support has been amazing. at what is a very hard time for any family.i cannot recomend her highly enough. the staff who work for her are equally as helpful, kind, caring and knowledgable. my sincere thanks to Sarah who swiftly dealt with my many emails and worries so kindly with empathy. thank you all so much


Dr Kukendra recognised our concerns immediately and listened . After various assessments she used her broad experience to diagnose ASD , which other clinicians may have missed. Girls on the mild end of the spectrum are difficult to diagnose as they present differently to boys , and the diagnostic criteria is still based on traits in boys. For this we will always be truly grateful as it has made us able to understand our daughter, and her needs, so much more. I would recommend her without hesitation.


I was able to get an appointment for my child at such a very short(1 day) notice! I am so impressed with her experience, warmth and commitment to the child development. The process of assessment and diagnosis of our autistic child was prompt and feedback system was swift. Service is at a premium but we got value for it!


Our experience with Dr Kukendra was an extremely positive one. Upon meeting her, we immediately felt at ease. All of our concerns regarding our son were taken very seriously by Dr Kukendra. This was so important that my suspicions as a parent were understood and acted upon, having been questioned and left feeling doubted by my own friends and family. The initiial appointment was straight to the point, questions asked and the ADOS screen for autism booked, all within a timely fashion. Shortly after the test, we returned to the clinic for our follow up where our son was given a diagnosis of Autism. Dr Kukendra was very sympathetic throughout our meetings and was lovely towards our son. She sent us a resource pack straight after our final appointment which was full of useful information. I would thoroughly recommend this lovely lady to anyone thinking about having their child assessed. In fact, it was our Occupational Therapist who said that if she had children of her own, they would only ever see Dr Kukendra. I totally understand where she was coming from!.


Dr Kukendra's help was great. She understands the issues that our son is experiencing, she grasped very quickly all aspects of the complexity of his case. She didn't make our son stay at her appointments so he didn't have to listen about his issues (unlikely other doctors). We had our son's diagnosis very quickly and at a reasonable cost. We feared a lot that the cost will be significant since we self-paid but it wasn't. Dr Kukendra directed us to some support groups explaining how they can help. Dr Kukendra collaborates with speech specialists who also contributed to the diagnosis. We found their insight extremely helpful as they pointed out to issues which we were not aware off. We are confident that Dr Kukendra's help will be critical to improving our son's wellbeing in the future.


I had a follow up appointmemt to get the results of my son's assessment and diagnosis. Dr Kukendra was very sympathetic yet extremely helpful and gave me lots of advice and reassurance regarding my son and also referred him to another specialist for further investigations of a medical problem. I felt I was in safe hands. I am highly recommending Dr Kukendr to all parents out there who want a thorough and robust assessment and medical prognosis of their child. She is excellent. Thank you Dr. Kukendra


I took my son to see Dr Kukendrarajah regarding concerns I had about his development. I was not waiting long, the clinic was very pleasant. Dr Kukendrarajah was very attentive and observant and helpful diagnostic assessments for my son. Everything was arranged and I will be getting tests and results through hopefully in a months time. To say she understands ASD and other related disorders is an understatement. I would only ever see her regarding my son and could not recommend a better consultant than her. I trust and value her experience and expertise. She is one of the best Consultants available for paediatric neurodevelopment and I feel very fortunate for my son to be under her wing. She also pointed me in the direction of other trusted professionals including OT and Speech and Language therapists to support my son's assessment and prognosis ensuring a robust diagnosis.


Following a three year battle with our son's school to recognise he needed support and despite the school having and ignoring a specialist report from their own team they were threatening to exclude him. Due to the urgency to get another report we contacted Dr Chelvi Kukendrarajah. She was very good from the start. We had arranged to see her privately as we were covered by a health policy through work and had an immediate appointment. She quickly arranged other assessments she felt were needed. Our son's school were continuing, despite being aware of on-going tests, threatening to exclude him and take action against us for refusing to sign a behaviour contract and she rushed through the ADOS test for us as well. She had completed all tests and urgently arranged an interim report to be provided to be given to the school to prevent any action being taken whilst we escalated the issue higher. As a result of her action we had a diagnosis within 4 weeks of initial contact which confirmed our son has autism. Her diagnosis has enabled us to escalate this higher and the matter has been taken up by the Director of SEN in our area and they have made the school finally acknowledge after 3 years he has not had the support he needs which was identified 3 years ago and is not badly behaved. Her willingness to help despite the school's refusal to provide any information to her (a previous consultant we saw 3 years ago refused to investigate further without the school's support) has now allowed us to get the help our son needs and deserves. We are very grateful for her help and speed in which she dealt with this. We are now finalising the full report to get all measures in place to help him. Without her report we have no doubt the school would have continued to acknowledge the underlying problem which was causing the issue.


I came all the way from Mauritius for medical treatment of my 6 year old son. He suffers from epilepsy, ADHD, speech impairment, autism spectrum with very challenging behaviours and learning difficulties which had not been diagnosed and treated properly in my country. On the very initial appointment with Dr Kukendra, the detailed knowledge of my son's medical history with her own assessment on that day gave me a lot of hope and confidence. She informed me in detail of all the tests, scan and therapies that needed to be done so that she can come up with a good diagnosis. Apart from that I was given a lot of advice from Dr Kukendra and other support that I can get for my son's condition so that he can quickly improved. She even suggested that I enrol on a parenting course, Triple P, which I don't regret having done as I have learnt how best to cope with the situation and be able to help my son. My son has very much improved with the new medication that she prescribed, her advice and her support. Another thing, anytime I emailed her about a question or a concern, she is very quick to respond. Her professionalism, her competence and the extra mile that she goes is compared to none. Thank you Dr Kukendra.


Dr. Kukendra has been absolutely perfect in helping me get a proper diagnosis for my grandson where the nhs have failed to do so. She was kind and patient with my boy and I will not hesitate in future to go directly to her for any help I may need.


After years of my son struggling with communication, behaviour. and underachievement at school we finally got the help we needed with Dr Kukendra. She was professional, friendly and thorough and we are now the right track to getting my son the help and support he needs. I highly recommend her.


Dr Kukendrarajah was friendly, professional and thorough. She was able to answer all my questions with patience and reassurance. Many of my previous experiences with medical professionals in relation to my children have been less than satisfactory, but Dr Kukendrarajah demonstrated how healthcare SHOULD work. I thoroughly recommend her.


Dr Kukendra has helped our son be himself, by gaining his confidence back and just being a pleasant 9 year boy without getting frustrated and angry with everyone and everything when given a simple task. Our son is a changed boy, we couldn't thank Dr Kukendra enough .

Dr Chelvi Kukendrarajah

Thank you for your very kind word


Dr Kukendrarajah recently assessed my son and my family have been very impressed with her extremely kind and caring manner. We had seen several other professionals prior to seeing Dr Kukendrarajah and I can honestly say that she has not only dedicated to her profession but also thoroughly dedicated on helping the patient. She immediately took hold of the situation, advised us and put us in contact with other relevant professionals. She kept close contact with us, even phoning out of concern for our son. She sent us helpful information packages and has been readily available for advice whenever needed. Dr Kukendrarajah's knowledge and experience have given tremendous help and comfort to us in going through difficult time with our son. Her excellent professional care have been the most outstanding help any patient could want. Thank you so much Dr Kukendrarajah. EM


Dr Kukendra came across not only experienced and knowledgeable but also very supportive and understanding. Waiting times are not long. Also, if there are and queries she is approachable and responds promptly. Overall, a pleasant and reassuring experience.


Dr Kukendrarajah recently assessed my daughter and we have been throughly impressed with her extremely caring manner. We had seen several other professionals prior to seeing Dr Kukendrarajah and I can honestly say that she has been by far the most caring and the most efficient. She immediately took hold of the situation, advised us and put us in contact with other relevant professionals. There was no time wasted and she kept close contact with us, even phoning out of concern for our daughter. She sent us helpful information packages and has been on hand for advice whenever needed. We feel very confident in Dr Kukendrarajah's knowledge and she has been most professional and caring.


We visited Dr. Kukendra as we had concerns about our son's development, especially reaching the expected milestones for his age. Dr. Kukendra is an expert in her field, gave us very valuable feedback, what steps to take next, who to contact, and answered all our questions in great detail. She is a very pleasant person, makes you feel very safe, and helped us a lot. I would very highly recommend her!