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Dr Matee Ullah
Cosmetic Medicine
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Dr Ullah has built a prestigious reputation, with experience from Massachusetts General (Harvard Medical School), Trauma Centre, Dubai and London’s famous Harley Street.

Since 2014 Dr Ullah has performed thousands of hair transplant procedures. He has perfected his own FUE technique to be minimally invasive, and painless, making him one of the leading hair transplant surgeons in the UK. Such a distinguished reputation has led to Dr Ullah being responsible for the largest number of procedures undertaken among TV personalities, sports stars, and ‘A’ list celebrities in the UK.

As an industry leader, Dr Ullah remains dedicated to further research into hair transplant techniques, developing his skills and procedures further. He is a member of FUE Europe a key institution involved in researching hair biology and diseases.


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Medical Procedures

  • Hair transplant 
  • hair loss treatments 

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Special Interests

  • Acne Scarring 
  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) 



  • MB BS 2009 University of London
  • BSC 2003 Kings college London 



I had been waiting for my transplant for over 9 months, had to rearrange due to other medical issues. Finally a week before procedure Dr Matee called me and discussed my medical history. He explained that because I am type 1 diabetic I have to carefully monitor my sugar levels and blood pressure. I had to to keep a dairy and discuss the case the with my diabetic nurse who advised me on how to change levels on the day. On the though little nervous, Dr Matee again went through my history and checked my blood pressure and blood sugars which were really high at 18. I had explained that I through miscommunication with my diabetic nurse I didn’t administer all of my medication. Dr Matee explained that he would have to have my sugars level under control before starting the procedure. It took us over an hour to get the blood Sugars to safe levels for him to operate. I found him very patient. He also explained that I would need a natural receding look due to my age. The procedure went without any problems and I was very happy with how I looked after. Dr Matee explained the post operative plan day by day for two weeks, gave me emergency contact details, ordered a taxi and called home to see if got home safely. True gentleman and very kind and patient and so was his staff. Trust me I have seen and met many medical professionals in my life, this young doctor was amongst the best. I highly recommend him.


I was really nervous when I came in. The receptionist was really polite, she gave me tea and biscuits and filled in the forms. Dr Matee went through the paperwork and explained to me what my expectations are today and what we could achieve. Explained that my donor area was weak and therefore would limit extraction. I explained that I know I need two ops to get half descent cover on top and I was prepared to compromise my donor area. The techs got me ready, my lunch order was taken. The doctor then applied the aneasthetic, the stinging pain lasted about a minute and I felt my head numb. Then Dr Matee and his team extracted the hair and he showed me the grafts. Then lunch was great. After that they put the movie and the dr reconfirmed my hairline and gave anesthetic again and made incisions. The implanting took almost 3 hrs. At the end the doctors explained to me post op advice. All in all, had great day. The staff was amazing and I can’t wait for my second stage op in 6 months.


The procedure was so much quicker and easier than I had thought. Everyone was so friendly and put me totally at ease explaining everything as we went along. Very happy customer.