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Dr Michael Loosemore
Dr Michael Loosemore
MBBS, DCH, MRCGP, Dip SEM, FFSEM (Ireland), MSc (SEM, CME, FFSEM (UK) UK Specialist Register SEM, PhD
Sports & Exercise Medicine
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Dr Loosemore MBE is a led Consultant in Sport and Exercise
Medicine. He treats both professional sportspeople and the general public with
musculoskeletal and sports injuries. His passion in exercise is not only for
health benefits but also as a therapeutic intervention for many medical
conditions. He currently heads the ‘Exercise is Medicine’ task force in the UK,
and held the role of president of the Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM), at
the Royal Society of Medicine. 

Dr Loosemore’s interest in sport has led him into looking after all types of
sportspeople, dancers and physical performers. He has also travels extensively
with national squads, accompanying teams to Olympic and Commonwealth Games, along
with the World and European Championships.

His continuous research and development into the use of exercise
not only as a way of preventing disease but also as a treatment for chronic non-communicable
diseases such; as diabetes, cancer, coronary artery disease and many others;
furthers his expansion into leading and cutting edge advancements. Along with,
a PHD on the Pathophysiology of Boxing Injuries; his knowledge of sport and
exercise medicine, has been supported by numerous published works.

By assisting in the education of future SEM doctors and being the Head of
Specialty for sport and exercise medicine training in London led him to be
awarded an honorary doctorate in science for ‘outstanding contribution to sport
and exercise medicine’. In 2014 he received the Sir Robert Atkins award for ‘an
outstanding contribution to sports medicine and in 2017, Dr Loosemore was delighted
and greatly honoured to be awarded an MBE for services to Sports Medicine.

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Medical Procedures

Professor in Sport and Exercise Medicine 

  • Diagnosis and treatment of all musculoskeletal
    and sports injuries
  • Exercise as a preventative interventions and
    treatment in many medical conditions
  • Concussion

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Professor in Sport and Exercise Medicine MBBS  MSc PhD FFSEM(UK)