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Dr Niket Patel
Dr Niket Patel
MBBS, BSC(1st Class Hons), MD(Res), FRCP
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Dr Niket Patel is a Cardiologist based in London, UK.  He is known for his friendly approach, always putting the patient at the centre of his decision making.  He is an expert at managing patients with cardiac conditions and sub specialises in all aspects of complex interventional cardiology such as angioplasty and stenting.  Dr Patel enjoys working with his patients, finding solutions to their symptoms and considering all possible options.


Dr Patel studied medicine at St George's Hospital Medical School, completing his specialist training in cardiology and coronary intervention at Harefield Hospital and Oxford University Hospital.  While completing his training, he produced his doctoral thesis in the physiology of coronary arteries in patients suffering from heart attacks.


Dr Patel is happy to see patients suffering from chest pain, breathlessness, palpitations, fainting or syncope, high blood pressure, patients concerned by their risk of heart disease (primary and secondary prevention), and heart valve disease or murmurs.  

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Medical Procedures

  • Non-invasive cardiac investigations including 24 hour monitoring
  • Echocardiography
  • Cardiac MRI
  • Exercise testing
  • Coronary angiography
  • Angioplasty, coronary stent insertion
  • Complex percutaneous coronary intervention
  • Coronary Bypass Graft Assessment
  • Pressure Wire Assessment
  • Intravascular Imaging (OCT and IVUS)
  • Pacemaker insertion 




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Special Interests

  • Atherosclerosis
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Heart failure
  • Dizziness, loss of consciousness (syncope)
  • Tachycardia and arrhythmia
  • Chest pain and treatment of ischaemic heart disease
  • Management of primary and secondary prevention
  • General cardiology 







  • MBBS St George's Medical School, University of London
  • BSc(1st Class Hons) Imperial College, University of London 
  • MD(Res) St George's Medical School, University of London
  • FRCP Royal College of Physicians

Professional Memberships

  • European Society of Cardiology
  • European Association of Cardiovascular Interventions
  • Royal College of Physicians, London
  • British Cardiovascular Society
  • British Cardiovascular Intervention Society