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Miss Caroline Mills
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
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General Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Craniofacial Trauma
Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Craniofacial surgery
Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology




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Miss Caroline Mills is a renowned Consultant who holds degrees in both medicine and dentistry. She specialises in a wide range of facial surgical procedures.

Miss Mills has dedicated decades of time to her clinical career and is an expert in her field. She has further contributed to her clinical expertise by completing fellowships in Craniofacial Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery.

To date, Miss Mills has performed over 3000 facial plastic surgery procedures and has trained more than 200 doctors and dentists in non-surgical techniques. Miss Mills also works with children of all ages who require facial surgery for facial deformity or diseases of the head and neck.

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Medical Procedures

  • Cosmetic Surgery 
  • Cancer Care 
  • Face lifting 
  • Eyelid and brow surgery
  • Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty)
  • Fat grafting
  • Chin surgery including the use of implants
  • Genioplasty (bone osteotomy) techniques and facial implants
  • Wrinkle reduction injections
  • Dermal fillers

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Special Interests

  • Cosmetic facial
  • Orthognathic jaw and chin surgery


Primary Medical Qualification

BM 1997 University of Southampton

Other Medical Qualifications

Bachelor of Dental Surgery Birmingham 1990

Fellowship in Dental Surgery RCS Eng - June 1993

FRCS (Ed) - Clinical Surgery in General Section: 2000

FRCS (Eng) - Clinical Surgery in General Section: 2000

FRCS (Eng) - Intercollegiate Examination in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 2005

Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training 2006


British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery

European Association of Cranio-maxillofacial surgery

International Association of Craniomaxillofacial Surgery

Royal College of Surgeons of England

The Association of Facial Plastic Surgery



Thank you for taking care of me and my brother and making sure our operation went well


We are so happy with how our sons jaw is looking. Many thanks


Thank you for putting me on the road to recovery and your kindness


Caroline is very professional and friendly. She provided clear and sound advise and made the whole process feel very relaxed. I would happily recommend her.


Relaxed but v efficient from consultation to procedure. Would confidently recommend.


Really good outcome, lovely staff and aftercare. Would highly recommend.


Miss Mills is approachable, knowledgeable and puts you totally at ease. I find her friendly demeanour very reassuring.


I had my consultation today with Miss Mills, I am looking for a forehead shave, she explained the procedure really well she used terminology that I would understand. I had a lot of question about the whole process which I asked a few times, she patiently answered all questions. She made me feel at ease if I decide to go ahead with the procedure I feel like I will be in safe hands. Excellent service.


Very thorough consultation very pleased


Thank you for all the advice, help and support and mostly importantly for my new chin - I love it!


I had a Sliding Chin Genioplasty following implant removal in mid October 2017 with Ms Caroline Mills. I had a silicone implant placed in 2004 by Dr Peter Butler, which was subsequently replaced with Gore-Tex implant 2006 (the second implant was placed abroad during a rhinoplasty revision as the surgeon felt its was moving around to freely). Despite the second implant being pourous, over the years the implant moved and positioned itself on the left side of my chin giving my lower face a very asymmetrical masculine appearance. I have always had an asymmetrical face and decided that it was best to leave it alone as overall I was quite happy with my face, I was able to overlook the appearance of my chin most of the time. In addition I had researched removal of porous implants and it seemed like it would be a difficult undertaking especially given that mine had been in situ for over 10 years. Earlier this year I started experiencing intermittent numbness along the right side of my lower lip downwards onto my chin pad so decided to consult with Ms Mills. I explained the issues I was having along with not liking the appearance the implant gave my chin. Ms Mills referred me for a CT scan with Cavendish Medical then invited me back for a second consultation. Once my scan results came back I was very promptly able to see Ms Mills to discuss the findings. It was apparent from the scan that the implant was sitting on my mentalis nerve which could possibly explain my symptoms of numbness. Ms Mills consulted extremely well having a very relaxed and down to earth approach. Ms Mills made note of all the information I gave her, examined me and then took her time to explain what my options were. I must add, I have worked as a healthcare professional in the surgical/ cosmetic industry for over 10 years therefore I come very well informed and have an articulate but realistic approach to surgery. I had already decided that I did not want to go down the route of replacing the existing implant as my scan indicated some level of bone erosion. Ms Mills took into account my aesthetic requirements and managed my expectations professionally and most importantly realistically. I went away knowing what could be achieved and came back for a third consultation with more questions prior to committing to surgery. Ms Mills was able to use computer imaging to show me what she thought would look like a natural outcome for my facial features. Even though you cannot be MM specific with any surgery it gave me a good idea that we were both on the same page. Ms Mills took her time, answering all my questions, I was conscious that I was taking a lot of her consulting time during the final consultation. Ms Mills was adamant that it was important for me to be fully satisfied before going ahead with implant removal as she was aware that I was generally quite happy with my face. She explained that the shape of my chin would be very different to what it was with the implant in place. I had the surgery in mid October at the Weymouth Hospital. Ms Mills spoke to me prior to surgery and once again we went over what I wanted to achieve. I had the surgery with an overnight stay in what I consider to be an excellent facility with great attention to patient care. I was incredibly swollen from day 2 with swelling tailing off around day 6. I regained full sensation to my bottom lip in the first 24 hours. I am now at day 19, most of the swelling has started to subside. The sensation has started to return to my lower front four teeth with some numbness around the chin area, I can see that things will continue to improve in the coming weeks. I surmise from my recovery/ bruising and return of functions that Ms Miss would have been very gentle and meticulous during surgery. I am aware from my implant replacement in 2006 that bone/ soft tissue manipulation during an operation can have an impact on recovery, I was noticeably swollen for at last 6 weeks following that procedure. I saw Ms Mills the following week at which point I was still very swollen. She asked me to get in touch if I had any issues. I followed aftercare instructions and rested well and so far, (touch wood) my recovery has been uneventful. I wrote this review as I wanted to share my experience with Ms Mills. I am very happy with the results so far, I can see that as the swelling goes down it will continue to change and improve. I now have a very natural well proportioned chin which doesn't look as wonky. Ms Mills has managed to achieve the best-case scenario for me. I have always remained realistic however a chin genioplasty can be challenging operation as you look almost unrecognisable for some 7-10 days. I can see how disheartening it can be when you are anxious about the outcome. In my experience, you are not in position to make any judgment on the chin for at least 10 days and any knee jerk reactions to appearance before that point can be detrimental to your acceptance of the procedure you have had done. Over the years I have worked with and met many surgeons, I would highly recommend Ms Mills, she put me at ease and was very knowledgable about the procedure. I was very comfortable around her and most importantly she listens to you and will manage your expectations effectively. If you are looking for a highly experienced professional with a relaxed friendly approach then please see Ms Mills, she is an excellent surgeon. I am haven’t posted any pictures on this website for professional reasons however I am more than happy to speak to anyone and share my experience.


Really happy with my chin surgery with Caroline Mills. My consultation with her was very thorough and included 3D imaging. My surgery was organised efficiently and the paperwork I received was clear regarding costs and terms and conditions of surgery. The hospital and anaesthetist were nice and I was made to feel very comfortable.


I’d got to the point where I didn’t like looking at photos of myself. I looked tired, had bags under my eyes and my eye lids were hooded – I looked as though I needed a long holiday. My profile was starting to sag a little also and I was beginning to feel old. At 46 I really wasn’t ready for this. Mrs Mills was recommended through a friend of a friend so I made an appointment to see her for an initial consultation. I was immediately at ease, her team are warm and friendly, her rooms in Wimpole Street professional and reassuring. Mrs Mills took a lot of time with me exploring what I was unhappy with, what I wanted and getting to know me. She took a whole set of (rather unflattering photos), explained all my options and gave me a rounded view of the positives and potential downsides and consequences of surgery. She gave me time to think and reflect on our consultation without pressuring me in any way. I decided to have a mini face lift, upper and lower eye surgery under local anaesthetic in Harley Street. I chose this option to minimise time off work. The surgery was blissfully uneventful and the aftercare I received from Mrs Mills’ team was superb, I really felt looked after and cared for, no question too stupid or too trivial! It was less than 4 days before I could leave the house wearing sunglasses feeling like a celebrity. I was back at work within 2 weeks and trekking in Madagascar within 4 weeks. I feel and look amazing. The results are subtle, my friends have commented on how well and refreshed I look. No one has guessed I have had surgery, in fact I tell people as it has made such a difference to my confidence that I am happy to share my secret! I thoroughly recommend Mrs Mills and her team. Warm, professional and highly talented. I’m (almost) looking forward to my next one!


I originally have a degree in medicine and possess S ome general knowledge of advanced trainging and once I extensively researched online the top surgeons in London and to a lesser extent in Miami, Florida while also having consultations with several surgeons over the course of a year I found that Miss Caroline Mills stood out amongst them in her having her training amongst the very best mentors in facial surgery, her long and varied experience in facial surgery,and the accolades she has received from her peers and patients. It's been six months since my facial cosmetic surgery and I am abolutely pleased. I find the results natural but at the same time well defined. I am a male patient and it is especiially important to see only the very best as the lesser skilled can leave results that are towards feminine, Miss Mills skill set is such that she improved my appearance dramatically with a fresh youthful look, but it's not artificial, or too dramatic. I remained myself after the surgery, but a lot better. I can't say enough about her.


Happy to recommend Miss Caroline Mills for bullhorn liplift. Very satisfied with the results


I chose Caroline as my surgeon because she is someone that listens carefully to what I am trying to achieve . She's attentive to my concerns.  She doesn't judge me and I feel we can have an open and trustworthy relationship. I can easily talk to her about my previous surgeries having gone wrong and she's very caring and sympathetic . Caroline ensures that my expectations are always realistic . She tells me what can be achieved through surgery and what can not. She's not afraid to say no and at times offers alternatives to surgery. She talks to me about risks and ensures I have understood them. We discuss complications and reassures me that if something were to go wrong that she would be there to support me unlike my previous surgeons who would never take any responsibility and have always left me on my own to deal with the consequences . She tells me how long a procedure lasts for and that in the future I may need possible surgery. I never feel rushed in any of her consultations. Each time she gives me over an hour and answers all my questions no matter how silly they may seem! She makes me feel comfortable and at ease.  There is never any pressure from her to have any surgery. She gives me a lot of time to think it through and always sends me a follow up letter after each consultation. Caroline is very professional and will always give you an honest  opinion .  Caroline has already proven to me that she is someone who's main focus is the patient and making them happy and feel good about themselves.  Patient satisfaction to her is everything. I previously had a chin tuck and sadly the scar didn't heal in a straight neat line. It was bumpy. It wasn't her fault as everyone heals differently but she corrected the scar without any fuss.  She has a duty of care towards you and abides by it and I feel safe in her hands. I chose a female surgeon this time round because I truly believe women have far more of a sympathetic approach. Her consultation room is relaxed.


Caroline was fantastic. Very professional, she did an excellent job and the after care and follow ups were great.