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Mr Alessandro Carmelita
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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Counselling Psychology


General Medical Council: 2900


english, italian


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Mr Alessandro Carmelita is a Psychologist and Psychotherapist. Registered to the Psychological Registry of Tuscany (Italy) with number 2900. 

He took a dregree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Clinical Psychology of Padua in Italy. 

He Specialised in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at the Psychotherapy School of the APC in Rome (Considered one of the most important schools in Italy).

He also  completed an intensive course at the Beck Institute in Philadelphia with Aaron Beck, creator of the Cognitive Therpy, and his daughter Judith Beck. 

After this, he decided to broaden his knowledge of Mindfulness and be trained by Mark Williams and Zindel Segal. After that he aimed to spread Mindfulness throughout Italy. 

In 2004, he established the Institute of Cognitive Sciences ISC, in which he aimed to organise events, related to Psychotherapy and Neuroscience with the best experts in the world.

He set up courses based on CBT, Mindfulness, Schema Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, AEDP, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. 

 Alessandro Carmelita achieved the highest level of certification in Schema Therapy. He was the only Italian Therapist Trainer and Supervisor with the ISST (International Society of Schema Therapy) certification.

He trained in Schema Therapy hundreds of therapists all over Italy. At the ISC Institute, he has organised 70 different editions of International Training in Schema Therapy.

Alessandro has organised training for children and adolescents, group therapy and for couples. 

Over the years, well-known experts in the field of Schema Therapy have collaborated with the institute, including Arnoud Arntz, David Bernstein and Joan Farrell. 

Alessandro Carmelita has also been organising and presenting the Congress “Attachment and Trauma”. This has been attended by more than 1000 people coming from over 40 countries.

The Italian Society of Schema Therapy which was established in 2010 has more than 1500 registered members, and Alessandro Carmelita has been the President of the SIST (Italian Society for Schema Therapy) for six years and is now the Honorary President. 

He had the opportunity to be trained by some of the best experts in the world in different approaches as Sue Johnson in Emotionally Couples Focused Therapy EFT and Diana Fosha in Accellerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy. 

He has collaborated with some of the best Experts as Daniel Siegel, Bessel van der Kolk, Pat Ogden, Allan Schore, Lou Cozolino and many others to spread around what is really effective in therapy around the world. 

In the last five years he developed a new psicotherapy approach called Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy M.I.M.T. that has shown to be very effective with all those problems that have lasted for many years and haven't been treated effectively with other aproaches. 

Clinical Work

He has been working for 18 years with hundreds of patients who were suffering for several psychological problems

He started working with patients who were suffering of Anxiety Disorders (Panic attack, fobias, Obessessive Compulsive Disorder, general anxiety, social anxiety) and Mood Disorders (Depression, Dystimia, Hypomaniac Disorder, Bipolar Disorder)

He worked for several years helping patients who were suffering of Eating Disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating)

In the last 10 years he has been working mainly with traumatized patients and persons who suffer of Personality Disorders (Borderline, Narcisistic, Dependent and Avoidant)

He has been working with hundreds of persons who had very bad childhood experiences as abuses or severe neglect

He developed new psychotherapeutic modalities to better help who suffer for all this problems.


He is actually working on his first two books for professionals:

"Schema Therapy Step by Step" Handbook for professionals. This book will be pubblished on May 2019

"The Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy Handbook" This book will be published on September  2019

Main Organizer of the "Attachment and Trauma Congress" with the best experts of the world in the psychology and psychotherapy field.

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Medical Procedures

  • Schema Therapy
  • Mindful Interbeing Mirror Therapy (he is the main developer)
  • Accellerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy
  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
  • Counselling
  • Personal Development
  • Obsessional behaviour
  • Confidence building

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Special Interests

  • Anxiety 
  • Personality Disorders (Borderline, Narcisistic, Avoidant, Dipendent)
  • Anger/management 
  • Depression
  • Psychological Trauma



My family was pushing me to see a Therapist. I have been very anxious for months since a very bad accident. From that moment, I have been always afraid that something bad could happen to my children. I have tried to do everything I could to control them in every moment and they are exhausted of me. It is very surprising that after a few sessions with Alessandro Carmelita, I am feeling already different. I think I have to work more. I am afraid this change is not stable but it is really surprising because I am not used to feeling relaxed anymore and now my body is feeling relaxed and I can't believe it. Thank you


I've been seeing Alessandro for almost 5 months now, after having gone through several other therapists. I was at a point in my life when I thought my depression was untreatable, but after working together with Alessandro on that I can say that now I feel much better. The best thing about Alessandro, besides his deep knowledge in treating Depression, is that I feel completely safe with him and can trust him 100%. Alessandro truly knows what he's doing and knows how to productively engage with his clients. I couldn't ask for a better therapist.


I felt really understood and not judged at all. I am very happy because I feel I can say to Alessandro very personal things of me and of my life and it is just the second session. It is so nice to feel that the other person is really emotionally there for you. Thanks


I thought I knew so much about myself but definitely, I didn't know what I discovered with Alessandro Carmelita. The fact I cannot express my emotion is causing to me my unhappiness. I try to protect myself not expressing my emotions but I am ending up feeling that life has nothing for me. I am looking forward to working on that with him. Thank you for helping me


My problem has always been the depression. I have been depressed since I was a child. Now I feel better and I started to feel like that after a while I was going to therapy. I guess I still need to work on myself but I start to feel the light finally.


Alessandro Carmelita was there when I needed him. I had panick attacks almost every day. I tried several times with drugs and with some psychologists to stop it because it was too difficult for me. Every time I wanted to do someting I was checking everything aroung me and inside of me to be sure not to feel anxiety and not to experience a panick attack again. Most of the times I had to stay at home. Recently I was having more attacks also at home and I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to be very corageous to be able to go and see him but I did it. It was the first time I felt deeply understood. Every other times I felt that there was something wrong in me but he was calm and relaxed and helped me to feel good and that was the first step. We understood why I was feeling like that and how my behaviours were strenghtening my problem instead of protecting myself. Thankfully I was also able to see what was deeper inside of me. Why deeply I was feeling anxious and so scared. Now we are working on that but I have no panick attacks anymore. Thank you


I was feeling very bad since I was a little girl. I had so many bad experiences with people and I was almost to give up. I found the references of Alessandro Carmelita online and I contat him. I have to tell that I felt immediately safe and accepted and understood. The path has been not always easy but I can see that what we are doing is changing my way of living deeply inside. Thank you for all of this

Mr Alessandro Carmelita

I am so glad you are feeling better. I will be there to continue to work with you in order to make you feel always better. Alessandro Carmelita