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Mr Ashutosh Acharya
MBBS, MS (Orth), FRCS (Trauma & Orth)
Orthopaedic Surgery
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Knee Surgery
Hip Surgery


General Medical Council: 4749002





Orthopaedic Surgery



Mr Acharya is a Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon practising at Warrington, Cheshire. His elective orthopaedic practice is exclusively surgery of the hip and knee. His NHS bases are at both Warrington Hospital and Cheshire & Merseyside Treatment Centre, Halton. Mr Acharya offers private consultations at Spire Cheshire Hospital. 

To further his skills in lower limb surgery, he decided to complete his training with a fellowship and was selected for the coveted Exeter Hip Fellowship. He trained under the close supervision of Messrs Gie, Timperley, Hubble and Howel. He gained valuable experience in both the art and science of hip replacement. He also learnt the importance of meticulous data recording and follow up of patients. PEOC has outcome data on all patients since the early days of hip replacement and thus is instrumental in our learning about various aspects of this surgery. 

Mr Acharya subsequently travelled to Melbourne, Australia for a further fellowship under the supervision of Mr Neil Bergman. Here he gained experience in navigation for hip and knee replacement under the supervision of Neil Bergman.

He spent his spare time with Mr John Bartlett, an excellent knee arthroscopy surgeon, who taught with passion. He then returned to the UK in 2007 with great confidence and skills in joint replacement surgery. 

Mr Acharya spent the next period of my training at The Royal Liverpool Hospital with Mr Taylor to hone his skills in ACL reconstruction surgery of the knee. He reinforced this further with training at Wrightington Hosptial.

Mr Acharya guarantees an honest opinion, high quality of care, investigations and treatment appropriate to your individual requirements.

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Medical Procedures

  • Knee Arthroscopy
  • Meniscal Repair
  • Arthroscopy
  • Knee replacement 
  • Tendon repair
  • Hip replacement 
  • Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACL) 
  • Knee ligament repair
  • Posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
  • Hip replacement 
  • Knee replacement 
  • Patella Realignment
  • Steroid injection
  • Tibial Tubercle Transfer
  • Joint injection 

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Special Interests

  • Arthritis
  • ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Injury
  • Patella dislocation 
  • Torn meniscus
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Avascular Necrosis Hip
  • Arthritis(knee)
  • Knee Fractures
  • Posterolateral corner injury
  • Knee Cyst
  • Knee pain
  • The young knee
  • Sports Injury 


Early years in training

He completed my medical education in 1994 and Postgraduate Degree in
1997 from Mumbai University, India. He then came to the UK through The
Royal College of England on their Specialist Orthopaedic Training

Mr Acharya's initial training (at junior doctor level) was in both Wales and England. 

He then completed higher surgical training in Liverpool and worked in different hospitals to gain experience in various aspects of trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery. 








After ten months of serious pain, the last five months having pain that was debilitating, Mr Acharya replaced my right hip six weeks ago and life has been so much better despite still going through recovery. Mr Acharya was totally professional in consultations and pre and post operation. I can certainly recommend him to anyone who is looking for orthopaedic surgery.


To All. After several years of crippling pain in my left hip. Mr Acharya carried out a full hip replacement operation in October 2018. Throughout my care, Mr Acharya was totally professional, providing time, care and excellent support. The operations was a total success and I am now totally pain free with 100% mobility. Well done and thank you Mr Acharya. Simply a Great Surgeon

Mr Ashutosh Acharya

Many thanks for taking time to fill in the review. It is much appreciated!


A superb surgeon. The agony I was experiencing prior to my total hip operation was beyond description. Immediately after the operation there was no pain whatsoever. Nothing short of a miracle. Thank you so very much Mr Acharya

Mr Ashutosh Acharya

Many thanks for taking time to write a review. It is much appreciated!


The procedure and all potential problems were explained fully. Due to the complexity of my particular operation, Mr Acharya ensured that additional staff and expertise were on hand to assist if required. The operation was a success and follow up care was excellent from Mr Acharya himself and his team. Following the operation I now have greatly increased mobility and a much improved quality of life. I attribute this wholly to the surgical skills of Mr Acharya.


very happy with the operation, no pain, went back to work in 6 weeks, excellent. Thank you Mr Acharya


Dear Mr Acharya, Can I firstly take the opportunity to apologise in the delay in sending this to you. From having a poor experience within the initial treatment stage, Once I was under your consultation I found the experience to be a pleasure from start to finish. On our first meeting you suggested alternative courses of action but once you had the latest x rays you were very clear I required surgery and whilst being young (54) I was happy to progress with your recommendation. The attention to detail prior to the operation at Spire was good and to see you post the operation was reassuring. It was also a nice surprise to see you on the Saturday morning where you were happy for me to leave the hospital after only Two days. My recovery has been much quicker than I originally expected and the scare from the operation has healed really well with numerous positive comments on how neat is in. On our 6 week follow up consultation you gave me clear instructions on what to do and what to avoid and as a consequence I no longer cross my legs from what was previously my most relaxing position. I would have no hesitation in endorsing you for the way you looked after me. Thank You, my quality of life has been increased as a consequence of your skills


Mr. Acharya performed a total hip replacement on my right hip in June 2018. From my initial consultation to my post operation appointment he acted professionally and politely. I have been more than satisfied with my treatment. I followed all the advice I was given and I was able to walk without crutches and drive locally after 6 weeks without any pain. I have already asked my GP to refer me back for a replacement on my other hip.


I owe mr Acharya such a lot as since my hip replacement I am free from pain and returned to my volunteering job after six weeks without sticks. Mr acharya is totally professional but has a very caring nature and I had the utmost confidence in him from my very first visit. He's the best. Thank you so much Mrs acharya, you gave me my life back.


In 2016 I was involved in a motorbike crash when another driver pulled out in front of me. In the accident I sustained several injuries that worst being to my left knee and was unable to walk without crutches. Doctor Acharya was highly recommended by two other surgeons who worked at a different hospital and I agreed to be referred over to see him. From my first consultation with Dr Acharya I trusted him instantly and underwent a thorough examination where he explained to me in detail what was wrong with my knee and how he planned to put it right. I have had two rounds of surgeries with Dr Acharya the latter being a PCL and PLC reconstruction. In all my surgeries Dr Acharya has been very clear in my post-operative care with other professionals and physiotherapists to obtain the best outcome from each operation. With each consultation with Dr Acharya he has been keen to give advice on maintaining a positive mental attitude and other lifestyle changes that have had a huge impact on my life and have assisted my recovery. I cannot put into words how thankful me and my family are to Dr Acharya for his knowledge, skill, expertise, professionalism and care and he has given me.


Mr Acharya is a gentleman and a scholar. I recently had a TKR operation performed by him.During all my visits/consultations prior to my operation he exuded a quiet and calming confidence in explaining the procedure that he would be carrying out.How did op go? you might ask.The operation went extremely well. Thank you


I would like to thank you and your staff for the treatment I received while in your care. It is a great relief to walk with no pain after the hip replacement. Also many thanks for the after care I received.


After three and halve years of searching for the relief of pain in my knee joint,trips to the doctors and physio. MRI scan, pressure tests etc. I Finally found the answer.Mr Acharya within an hour following an Xray and his friendly talk with regards to my long period of treatments,he explained the problem with my knee joint.After so long it it was a relief to have found a person who gave me the answers to my problem in a caring professional manner.Following his initial treatment i was able to walk and do the things a normal person can do without any pain.Further treatment is required but its nice to know I will be in good hands.


I had my new knee joint procedure performed by Mr Acharya. The operation was a complete success. I can now walk as normal. The new joint is very strong and I can now put full weight on that leg. I can swim, cycle, and am now playing tennis again. The actual treatment was made to be as comfortable as possible for such major surgery and all the staff involved on his team were very professional and couldn't do enough for me after the operation. Also the scar on my knee is very neat and not very noticeable at all. A very professional job. I am so pleased with the results.


My son broke his ACL on a school ski trip. Along with the ACL, his heart broke. Luckily we ended up in the care of Mr Ashutosh Acharya. We found a kind and expert surgeon in the form of Mr Acharya. He has been very thorough form the diagnosis to the post-surgery review. Throughout the consultation Mr Acharya kept me well informed about the detail of the surgery, which helped me keep my nerves. As a parent I am very happy with the results and would like to thank Mr Acharya for the fantastic work. I would recommend Mr Acharya to all the parents in my shoes.


Mr Acharya is a very competent and very experienced professional. He has followed our case closely and with the best interest for his patient always in mind. We are very pleased to have had such a good surgeon assigned to us.


My right knee failed and my cartilage had to be removed. This was successfully done by Mr Acaraya but clearly, this left me with no cartilage. Having no cartilage is very painful as the bones of my knee touch and don't move as a joint. The answer recommended by Mr Acharaya was regular injections of 'hyaluronic acid. This is a natural viscose liquid that helps work as a temporary cartilage allowing my knee joint to work. I have had the injection about every 6 months for about 3 years. It works very well and my pain is almost fully eliminated now and my mobility is good. The injection although quite painful works immediately it is given. But then there is a 2 to 4 day settling down period after the injection that the knee needs to sort out the swelling and pressure the injection causes. However after this few days pain/ pressure in the knee it settles down and gives a fantastic result for 4 to 6 months. I am hoping that the cumulative effect of several injections over the years is to sort of make a new cartilage in my knee.


I would like to thank Mr.Acharya,his team and all the staff at Spire hospital for their outstanding level of skill and care shown during and after my knee replacement surgery, everything was of the highest possible standard and l wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you. Once again many thanks


Mr Acharya’s knee surgery quite simply turned my daughters dance career around, results weren’t guaranteed due to complexity but he succeeded and were eternally grateful. Team at Spire are great , physio after care is second to none too . Thank you for everything !


Having had a hip and two knee replacements, without complications, performed by Mr Acharya, I am back to full mobility. He has enabled me to continue to play golf and I have even reduced my handicap! He has a professional, caring attitude and I am very grateful to him for his skill and expertise.

Peer Recommendations

BY mr Jochen Fischer

I trained together with Ash and got to know him as a highly motivated and skilled surgeon who works to the highest standards.
For specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery
Connection: We trained together

BY mr Gareth Stables

Ash is an experienced surgeon who will give a sensible opinion and be able to provide treatments for both hip and knee conditions
For specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery
For conditions: Sports Injuries
For procedures: Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement
Connection: Is a colleague