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Mr Claudiu Hoban
Bsc (Hons) MSST
Sport & Exercise Medicine Doctor
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New appointment: £80
Follow-up appointment: £100


Co-Founder of Fit2Function clinic

Claudiu Hoban is the founder of Fit2Function Clinic. Over recent years, Claudiu has worked with thousands of patients from various backgrounds. Having treated injuries encountered by professional athletes from various sports to the common conditions such as back pain, neck pain and sciatica frequently caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Claudiu has developed a significant understanding of the human spine through taking and analysing thousands of patients X-ray imaging. This contributed to developing a strategy that is currently helping thousands of patients recover quicker and return to healthier lifestyle. 

In the past, treatment emphasis was heavily based on manual therapy and injury rehabilitation to achieve results for patients. In the past few years a deliberate movement away from manual therapy has been made. 

The treatment techniques now delivered have gained significant ground in the field of health, providing long lasting relief with less risk of side effects. 

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Medical Procedures

  • Consultation
  • X-ray & MRI reporting
  • Radial shockwave therapy
  • Laser therapy
  • Physical fitness assessment 
  • Rehabilitation and strengthening

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Special Interests

  • Spinal orthotics
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Injury diagnostics 
  • Rehabilitation
  • Supplementation
  • Corrective exercise
  • Football Injury 
  • Sports Injuries 


Primary Qualifications

  • First Class degree in Bsc (Hons) MSST Sports Therapy 
  • X-Ray Operator Training for Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Imaging
  • Class 3b Laser Therapy
  • Class 4 Laser Therapy
  • Certification in Gymna and Sigma Shockwave Therapy
  • Certification in Spinal Decompression



I went to Claudiu 8 weeks away from attempting the London Marathon, and I was unable to to run longer then 10 minutes without knee pain. So this was really my Hail Mary throw! However, he didn’t seem worried and was confident I would make my marathon. He didn’t just treat my injury but identified the root of it, devised a training plan around it including stretching and strength training to target the imbalances which along with latest treatments had me up and running again! Always on the other end of the phone any time of day to answer any questions, I honestly couldn’t have asked for more! It’s safe to say that without Fit2Functions clinic I wouldn’t have even made the start line.. but with them I went from being unable to run 8 weeks before to finishing the London Marathon in under 4 hours! The Treatment is top class, their methods and training plans are proven, and on top they’re great guys. Couldn’t ask for any more.


I have been seeing Claudiu over the last few months because of the pain and reduced mobility in my knees due to very advanced osteoarthritis. I am really happy with the progress I have made. I have much less pain and stiffness. Walking is no longer hard work but joy. Stairs were a real nightmare and now most of the time I can go up and down the stairs without even holding onto the hand rail as I used to. I could even play football a bit with my grandchildren the other day. When I started my treatment, I never imagined I would be able to do any of these things. Fit2Function really walk the talk. I am now fit to function in a way I have not been able to for a few years. Their approach is totally unique. It combines very sophisticated equipment, supervised physio (Claudiu watches you like a hawk!!!) and an exercise plan to follow between the sessions. A big, big thank you to Claudiu


Claudiu has been looking after me for over a year now! Every time I get a small or even severe pain I can count on Claudiu in booking me for emergency and looking after me. Thanks Claudiu.


I've attended the Fit2Function clinic for both a sports injury and long term back problems. They gave me a combination of machine based and traditional treatments combined with a developing program of physical exercises designed for rehabilitation. I have found them professional and yet friendly and personable at the same time. When I was initially assessed they were up front about what they thought the treatment could achieve. I am more than pleased with the results and have no hesitation in recommending them for their skill and professional attitude.


I've had shoulder and other musculoskeletal injuries on and off over the last 20 years and have followed the well trodden path of rest, physio (without much success), cortisone injections (ditto) and surgery. When I started experiencing shoulder/bicep tendon pain again last year while working out, I was recommended to try F2F by P.T. Paul Rose www.prp.fit Based on my previous experience with traditional physio I was a bit apprehensive/cynical, but can gladly say those feelings were misplaced. Right from the start it was clear Claudiu is passionate about what he does and really believes in the technology F2F uses. And I was pleased that he wanted to get to the route cause as well as treat the symptons. I therefore embarked on a course that included laser & shockwave treatments, as well as manipulation and rehabilitation exercises. Along the way and unconnected, I sustained a bulging disc in my lower back and pulled an intercostal muscle. Claudiu wasn't phased by this and adjusted treatment to include these issues. I can honestly say that the laser quickly reduced swelling in my back and speeded up recovery for both. The sessions are never rushed and from what I can tell, for what you get, the cost is very reasonable compared to what some practitioners charge for the laser/shockwave treatments alone. I’m now pain free in the shoulder. But, just as important, we also worked on my posture which has improved (which is no mean feat!). More recently I had an issue with my tricep tendon. Claudiu was my go to person and in a short space of time I was back training in the gym. I now go to the clinic for maintenance sessions having experienced the benefits of this innovative combination. I’m so confident in this treatment that I recommended F2F to a friend with Plantar Faciitis. She reported immediate relief from pain and significant improvement compared to other treatments. This holistic approach of technology, traditional physio and rehabilitation exercises has worked for me. It all comes together by F2F being based at Jubilee Hall - allowing access to a wide range of fitness equipment. If you've been struggling with something chronic or just picked up an injury, I can highly recommend F2F.


I visited Fit2function to help with a pain in my foot which turned out to be an ATFL sprain. Following laser, shockwave and vibration therapy in the treatment room and balance exercises on the gym floor the pain has gone and confidence in running has come back! I have exercises to add to my normal gym routine to keep my foot strong. Thanks Claudiu


I can not praise Claudiu enough. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable about the body he is one of the most caring specialists I have met. Everyone who I have sent to Claudiu (it’s a lot) all feel the same way about him.


I had a lot of tightness in my shoulders and lower back and after 6 sessions the result is amazing . No more pain, no more tightness. The équipement they use is by far the best on the market giving you the best results. The team is extremely professional . Thanks again


Couldn’t recommend these guys enough. Very professional and knowledgeable. A leg imbalance left me frustrated with progressing my fitness to the next level. In just a few months of one session per week, my glutes now appear symmetrical and looking visibly stronger. I’ll most certainly be continuing my fitness journey with Claudiu’s support this year. A VERY HAPPY and EXCITED client!!! Thank you Fit2function


Being a semi professional football player, I’ve had a few injuries in my career. I've seen a lot of Physios and been treated with various methods. So when I say fit2function is the best treatment I have received believe it. The attention and care I received towards my injury was like one no other. The staff have a deep understanding of how the body works. I would recommend the clinic to anyone with ongoing pain


Excellent experience & service. Within minutes of my first treatment, my upper back and shoulders area which has been painful and tight for a while, felt much more relaxed and movement was greatly improved (shock treatment). I made the decision to go for a follow up program, especially considering my working in an office on a daily basis affects also my lower back. Free usage of the gym with these sessions is a bonus, along with the prime location in Covent Garden. Highly recommended.