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Mr John Sawrey-Cookson
BSc Hons Ost Med, BSc Hons H.B., Dip.Nat.
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General Osteopathic Council: 5040




New appointment: £52
Follow-up appointment: £45


Mr JohnSawrey-Cookson is a leading osteopath with thriving practices in both the Cityof London (Spitalfields Osteopathy) and Carlisle, where he helps a wide anddiverse range of patients presenting with various ailments. He is also thefirst team osteopath for Carlisle United Football club and has treated starsfrom the big screen and West End alike.

Mr JohnSawrey-Cookson initially graduated with a degree in human biology. Subsequentto this, in 2002, he went on to graduate from the British College ofOsteopathic medicine with a BSc in Osteopathic medicine and a diploma inNaturopathy. He is very commonly involved in the treatment of sportinginjuries, but his therapeutic skills include anything from whiplash through toneuromuscular and chronic pain.

John is passionateabout the further progression of his field of practice; conducting researchinto issues such as how osteopathic therapy can aid the orthodox medicaltreatment of patients diagnosed with postnatal depression and chronic fatiguesyndrome. Engaging in such research allows John to remain at the cutting edgeof osteopathic medicine, and thus ensuring he is able to provide anunparalleled standard of treatment and care for his patients.

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Medical Procedures

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Sports Injuries

Ligament Sprains

Muscle Strain

Tension Headaches

Muscle Spasms


Joint Pain

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Special Interests

Professional Football working with Carlisle United F.C. since 2004.


Registered with the General Osteopathic Council

Educated at:

British College of Osteopathic Medicine 1998-2002 ( BSc Hons Osteopathic Medicine, Diploma  Naturopathy)

Oxford Brookes University 1995-1998 ( BSc  Hons  Human Biology)