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Mr Michael Fatica
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General Osteopathic Council: 8560




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Co-Founder Of The Mayfair Clinic

Michael Fatica is the founding Osteopath of The Mayfair Clinic. Having worked over the recent years with thousands of patients and tens of thousands of real patient X-Ray Images, Michael has built up a significant understanding of the human spine and how it contributes to recovery, or limitation of recovery. Because of this, Michael predominantly sees patients with neck pain, back pain and sciatica. 

In the past Michael's treatment was heavily based on manual manipulation (techniques producing clicks and pops) to achieve relief for patients. However, for the last few years, a deliberate movement away from these techniques has been made. 

More recently treatment is delivered using the latest in therapeutic technologies to provide relief for patients that last longer, with less risk of side effects (post treatment soreness).

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Medical Procedures

  • Faster Healing For A More Complete Recovery

In the clinic we specialise in the use of Therapeutic Laser as a part of our treatment for patients with a variety of complaints. From an philosophy point of view, it is extremely osteopathic. Successful in the treatment of neck pain, chronic back pain, as well as other injuries such as tendonitis and arthritis.

Research has also shown that healing of injuries using laser results in better quality of repair with less scar tissue and a faster recovery time.

  • Reducing The Pressure In Your Spine To Relieve Pain Safely

Spinal Decompression, also known as IDD therapy, is a treatment specifically designed to address the pain caused by slipped discs in the back, or neck (it also works with herniated or bulging discs). Gently stretching the spine in a non-invasive way, treatment provides, often an instant relief of the pain during the treatment session. 

It is common to need a course of these treatments to have a lasting effect as healing is not an instant process. In combination with our other technology at The Mayfair Clinic, treating the source of neck & back pain with spinal decompression works fantastically.

  • Reducing Stiffness & Increasing Spinal Mobility So You Can Move Freely Again

Think of traditional "adjustments or manipulations" with all the twisting involved, and sometimes unfortunate side effects. Using the Spinal Impulse Adjusting instrument, we are able to have a measurable effect on the mobility of your spine and make sure that the joints are working as well as possible.

This treatment is easy to do, and requires none of the twisting and violent movements of the older "joint-clicking" approaches. 

  • Spinal Biomechanical Analysis (X-Ray Guided) & Postural Rehabilitation
  • In chronic cases of neck and back pain, including issues like sciatica, the position the spine is in can be one of great and continual stress on injured structures. By understanding and analyzing your spine accurately, recommendations including exercises and treatment can be given to reduce the negative implications of such alignment issues.

    This gives patients, who quite often have been suffering from a recurrent injury for months or years, a comprehensive approach to treatment that really gets to the bottom of the problem.

    • Detoxification

    Patients who struggle to heal or have had historic exposure to environmental and/or dietary toxins often benefit greatly from a thorough detoxification protocol. Contact the clinic for more information on this.

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    Special Interests

    • Non-invasive back pain treatment
    • Non-invasive neck pain treatment
    • Sciatica treatment
    • Treatment of trapped nerves
    • Posture
    • Arthritis treatment
    • Knee Pain treatment
    • Back pain treatment
    • Neck pain treatmnt
    • Back pain clinic london
    • Spine arthritis treatment
    • Treatment for sciatica nerve pain


    Primary Qualifications

    • Master's degree Osteopathy from the British School Of Osteopathy
    • Certification in Class IIIb Laser Therapy
    • Certification in Class IV Laser Therapy
    • Certification in Spinal Decompression Therapy
    • Certification in Sigma Shockwave/Percussion Therapy
    • X-Ray Operator Training For Cervical, Thoracic & Lumbar Imaging