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Mr Mohammad Shad
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Spinal Surgery


General Medical Council: 4377793


Mr Shad is a consultant neurosurgeon. In 2012 Mr Shad established the Coventry Brain and Spine Service to offer healthcare providers and patients information on the modern approaches available to treat brain and spine disorders and neck and back pain. Mr Shad has developed a new technique to treat cervical disc problems. This offers patients an alternative to the traditional method of harvesting graft from the hip bone, which can be painful. He has embraced new techniques within the neurosurgery field and has been involved in some ground breaking surgeries. This includes the removal of a golf-ball size brain tumour through a patient’s nose. The tumour, a meningioma, was squashing the brainstem in the cerebellopontine angle tucked behind the main arteries supplying blood to the brain.

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