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Mr Tom Fielding
B.Ost (Hons)
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Tom Fielding is the Director of Hub Health and Principal Osteopath. Tom has been running his own osteopathic and rehabilitation clinic in Clapham since 2007. When Tom founded Hub, it was an exciting reflection on the beliefs and methods he had developed over the previous 14 years.

Coming from a background in professional rugby, Tom has always had an interest in sports injuries and performance development. He has worked in health and performance for the last 14 years and gained his degree from the British School of Osteopathy before running his own osteopathic clinics in London since 2007. With a keen interest in sports injuries, nutrition and strength and conditioning, Tom has developed a special interest in working with and developing adolescent athletes and patients.

Much of the work is dealing with patients and clients who have acute issues. The ethos at the Hub is to get you pain-free and back to function as quickly as possible, with a fundamental concern to ensure you maintain long term health. The team are experienced in putting together a health strategy to prevent the issue recurring and to ensure long term health and fitness.

Osteopathy is a method of assessment, diagnosis and treatment of damaged parts of the body such as muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints. Tom and his team strive to ensure the body is balanced and efficient. Osteopathy is predominantly a ‘hands on’ therapy and one of the oldest approaches to medicine and health. Osteopathy is a system of complete medical practice based on the principle that health depends on the maintenance of proper relationships between the various parts of the body.

Through a careful analysis of what the root cause of an individual’s problem is, osteopaths are able to facilitate the body’s ability to heal itself through stretching, mobilising and manipulative techniques. The osteopaths at Hub are also experts at the assessment of movement patterns which leads seamlessly into the prescription of rehabilitation and lifestyle recommendations which will ensure your problem does not recur.

In his spare time Tom stills loves all sports and is still fiercely competitive!

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Medical Procedures

Osteopathic and Rehabilitation Treatments and Recovery Plans

Treatments for muscle pain, joint pain, ligament damage and nerves damage

Stretching, Mobilising and Manipulative techniques

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Special Interests

Treating Adolescent Athletes and Patients

Sports Injuries and Performance Development



Degree from the British School of Osteopathy B.Ost (Hons)