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Ms Gee Gahir
BSc, MSc
Holistic Therapy
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The Royal Society of Medicine: 00713176


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ABOUT GEE www.geegahir.com

Award Winning Healthy Lifestyle & Holistic Stress Management Specialist 

Gee’s expertise spans across two decades in the healthcare industry from scientific research, market access, public
health education and patient care. Having personally experienced the effects of stress on her wellbeing, Gee exemplifies the benefits of integrating a multidisciplinary functional approach to regaining and maintaining health through the seasons within corporate environments. 

Read more about her experience living with osteoarthritis, managing corporate stress (workplace wellbeing), and
developing lifestyle clinics for Psoriasis http://www.2020holistichealth.com/about/

Gee recognises how health is truly our greatest wealth and the importance of empowering her clients with methods
distilled from oriental and yogic sciences to restore body-mind-energy equilibrium to support them in their pursuit of enjoying vibrant health. Drawing upon her training and expertise in Stress Management & Lifestyle Medicine, Gee offers a variety of holistic treatments.

Common Conditions treated

  • Transitioning to vegetarian / vegan diet
  • Seasonal Fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, tired all the time
  • Dry or Inflamed skin
  • PMS
  • Sleeplessness
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Muscular issues related to poor posture (RSI, joint pain, text neck)

What to expect during a consultation 

In addition to your medical notes, Gee uses a variety of oriental diagnostic methods (face, tongue and pulse
reading) which reveals an energetic blueprint of health, your 5 element energy composition. Gee advocates a unique fusion of ancient and modern healing practices inherited from her yogic roots and inspired through her training
in traditional Chinese medicine to formulate non-invasive, easy to adapt seasonal lifestyle prescriptions.  Gee’s expertise in seasonal plant based nutrition provides a priceless adjunct to your consultation.

Choose from a variety of holistic services offered by Gee – by appointment only:

Holistic treatments (natural solutions for stress & pain relief)

  • Seasonal Lifestyle Medicine (Natural Nutrition, Yoga, Mindfulness  & Healthy lifestyle) – unique to Skin55

Ancient wisdom foretells the secret to attaining longevity, health and happiness is by aligning lifestyle habits with the natural cycles. Gee offers an experiential and transformative journey of living well through the seasons, with step by
step holistic guidance to navigate your wellbeing. Each seasonal lifestyle plan is mapped to support your 5 Element energetic composition to optimise wellbeing outcomes.


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Medical Procedures

Seasonal Lifestyle Medicine - an experiential and transformative journey of living well through the seasons, holistic guidance tailored to support your 5 Element body-mind-energy composition, over the course of a year

Natural Pain & Stress Management – Holistic treatments 

  • Shiatsu (mind body emotion balance) includes seasonal dietary advice.
  • Acupressure Massage (Face, head, neck, shoulders and back) ease muscular tension, reduce inflammation and Natural facelift.
  • Seasonal Nutrition & Naturopathic Medicine 
  • Restorative & Therapeutic Yoga 
    • Chair yoga 
    • Relaxation techniques  
    • AcuYoga –a unique system of therapeutic movement for postural health, with Breath Body Mind technique developed by Dr Richard Brown & Dr Pat Gerbarg to alleviate physiological symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • Reiki & Chakra healing 

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Special Interests

Specialist interest: Lifestyle Medicine  

  • Natural Pain Relief - Osteoarthritis 
  • Natural skin care 
  • Holistic Stress Management 
  • Women's health - from puberty to menopause

Gee recognises how health is truly our greatest wealth and the importance of empowering her clients with methods distilled from oriental and yogic sciences to restore body-mind-energy equilibrium to support them in their pursuit of achieving and maintaining health. Drawing upon her training and expertise in Stress Management & Lifestyle Medicine, Gee offers a variety of holistic treatments. 

Further information www.geegahir.com


Education & Training 

  • MSc Neuroscience 
  • BSc Applied Biology 
  • Diploma Psychology
  • Diploma Natural Nutrition & Naturopathy (College of Natural Nutrition)
  • Shiatsu & Seated Acupressure (European Shiatsu School)

  • BWY certified Yoga Teacher 
  • Stress Management Trainer (Stress Management Society)
  • Traditional Feng Shui Practitioner & Certified Teacher- Environmental health 



  • Royal Society of Medicine 
  • Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry 
  • British Wheel of Yoga 
  • Complementary Medicine Association 
  • International Stress Management Association 
  • Federation of Nutritional Therapists
  • Chue Foundation - Environmental energy specialist 




First experience with Shiatsu massage, it was a very calming and enjoyable experience. Gee explained everything very well and made me feel completely at ease. I would highly recommend Gee and will be back again.

Ms Gee Gahir

I'm delighted you enjoyed the Shiatsu experience. Many thanks for your recommendation, happy to be of service. Best wishes , Gee


I have known Gee for a number of years now and she has been my ‘go-to’ person when I need advise and treatment on matters to do with health, well-being and diet. Gee has a wealth of knowledge in many areas both physical and emotional and the simple treatments Gee has offered have always made a difference to my well-being. I would not hesitate to reccommend Gee to anyone, she is honest, knowledgable and talanted in healing from the inside out.


Feeling relaxed and empowered with effective acupresure points and postural advice gained from attending yesterday’s ‘zen in the city’ class with Gee. Thank you


Gee has provided consultations for me to help with stress (including yoga and nutritional guidance) over the past 10 years. I have found her services professional, consistent and caring. The yoga practice in particular I have found to be practically helpful in a corporate environment (from using breath to cope with stress to correcting posture when working). Nutritional guidance has also been invaluable - I travel frequently and Gee has provided me with homeopathic remedies to cope with the physical and mental stress of a high-paced career, enabling me to better cope with practical issues such as dealing with demanding schedules under jetlagged conditions as well as ensuring my mental capacity doesn't suffer by practicing breath and yoga techniques in combination with her nutritional guidance. I would not hesitate to recommend Gee's services to others.


Gee's knowledge is phenomenal, and she applies it with such sensitivity and wisdom - I would recommend her to anyone. My shiatsu session with her was beautiful, and for days afterwards I felt energetic, and areas of my body which had previously felt tight somehow felt "spacious"! She has also read my horoscope using Chinese astrological techniques. I am ordinarily sceptical about that sort of thing, but Gee's approach was very practical and it made perfect sense. The session was combined with advice - including dietary suggestions (which combined her knowledge of the seasons; Ayurveda; and nutrition). I love attending Gee's yoga classes. They are sensitively themed, and wonderfully visual. One of the best things about Gee is quite simply that she exudes warmth and positivity. She makes people feel good about themselves, and she looks to the future with a twinkle in her eye.


Gee is very kind, patient, understanding and has great usable advice which is fairly simple to adapt to, and gives you the confidence to make the changes you need to, for a better lifestyle. Felt very safe under her care, and can highly recommend her to anyone seeking alternative, natural and holistic help to improve their health.


Gee was so friendly and understanding from the beginning when I first met her. I felt understood, heard and cared for. The advice given was very tailored to my needs, in both dietary and physical areas, and fully explained to me why each piece of advice was given. Gee's way of describing and simplifying detailed and complicated systems and processes in the body was amazingly eye-opening and life changing. I highly recommend her to everyone!


Gee is a rarity: a practitioner who is not only exceptionally gifted, but also incredibly intuitive, nurturing and caring. I was lucky enough to find Gee at a time in my life when I needed practical, effective guidance and she provided me with the tools I needed to start my journey to wellness. Her shiatsu massages are to die for and her nutritional therapy has enabled me to work with, rather than against my body. Amazing!


I have worked with Gee for a number of years and been an participant in one of her holistic anti-stress workshops which was truly brilliant. I felt very relaxed and empowered after the sessions and ready to refocus and re-approach the root causes of my anxiety, to which I am now overcoming. I would thoroughly recommend Gee to any individuals, companies or groups for her great work.


Ms Gee Gahir have been of excellent help for me in a situation with pain, arthritis in a hip. My personal session with her helped me to understand and to deal with the situation. Later I chose to have an operation. Here I have got her help for the rehabilitation period. Always in a kind and supporting way.


I highly recommend Gee who has provided wonderful Shiatsu treatments for me to relieve stress and pressure over the years. Her expertise and knowledge has helped me to understand and use the methods given to cope with anxiety and manage my wellbeing with a clearer state of mind.