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Mrs Karline Porter
BSc (Hons) Nutrition
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Karline Porter is a fully qualified and AFN registered nutritionist in the UK.

Ms Porter graduated in 2013 at St. Mary’s University Twickenham, with a BSc Honours degree in Nutrition. In 2013 she then attended the Intern Nutritionist World Cancer Research Fund UK (WCRF-UK), where Karline helped to analyze children recipes. She then went on to practice at Britzke Nutrition Clinic at Harley Street where she provided one-to-one consultations and online consultation. In 2016 she then started to work as a nutritionist support for an online Weight Loss project in parallel with the clinic

Karline is currently taking a postgraduate course in nutritional therapy. Her main aim is to educate people to eat well through real food using science based nutrition with a key focus on weight loss. During her career she has developed an interest in motivating people to make small changes in their life to achieve their goals.

Karline is very dedicated to her clients and she is very committed to her profession. She is always seeking for personal development by enrolling in short courses, conferences and update science.


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Special Interests

  • Balanced diet
  • Coeliac disease 
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Constipation 
  • Endometriosis 
  • Food allergy and food intolerance
  • Healthy eating
  • Healthy hair
  • High cholesterol 
  • Hypothyroidism 
  • Infants and pre-school children
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Obesity 
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Schoolchildren and teenagers
  • Sports nutrition
  • Thyroid problems 
  • Tiredness 
  • Weight gain
  • Weight management
  • Weight-loss


2010 -2013 BSc (Hons) Nutrition St Mary's University Twickenham



I met Karline through friends and members of my family who have lost weight with her advice and support. I was really impressed with their results and set my appointment with her. As I have been fighting with over weight since I was a child and especially after a foot surgery I had taken months to recover, I felt I really needed professional help. Karline is a great professional and really knows what the patient needs! Since the first appointment I felt like I was talking to a friend of mine, she makes you feel very comfortable and explains everything in an easy way. I had also the DNA test to know which diet is better for my body. I was told I should lose so much weight and seriously, I thought at the beggining I would not make it. I began the diet, quit sugar and everything sweet. The recipes are easy and very tasty. I realized I was eating completelly wrong the whole time until I met Karline. Now I eat healthy food, less salt, less fat. I feel good, full of energy . With support of Karline I have lost about one kilo per week since I began the diet, even with dinners, parties with friends sometimes. She always helps me with emails, messages when I have any doubt and also supporting me to reach my adequate weight. If you need to lose weight, do not wait anymore, look for Karline. She will change your life like she changed mine.


Karline is an outstanding nutricionist, experienced on weight management she has helped me and several other people throughout the year to achieve their goals and have a better life style. I would recommend her as the best.


Ms Karline is an excellent nutritionist. Her expertise resides in working with a client designing food programs according to her clinical assessment together with her deep and substantial knowledge in nutrition. The vast array of tests she offers together with a solid interpretations of their results allows for a successful achievement of weight loss to all her clients. She is also very supportive in making the program work for each individual.Her attention to details is pretty incredible.


Karline provided me with a personalised 12 week diet program which was easy to follow and which introduced me to new foods. It was reassuring to know that she was always there for me to contact and her encouragement kept me motivated. I lost 2st 8lbs in total and so far, have kept the weight off.


I have achieved great goals since my first visit, very professional, and good motivator in marking sure I stick to my diet and my healthy new way of eating! Really happy and I would raccomend, also helped my sister to gain weight!!


love every single appointment inhave had with her, she is forever helpful in anything that i need help with or any doubts i may have. she also makes sure that she gives out the best meal plans to my taste. she is excellent at her job!