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Professor Dorota Dworakowska
MD (Hons.) PhD MRCP UK in endocrinology and diabetes
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Diabetes & Endocrinology
General Internal Medicine


General Medical Council: 6133008


english, polish, german, russian


Professor Dworakowska has a broad clinical practice in endocrinology, diabetes, obesity and general/internal medicine. She provides a holistic assessment of complex medical problems and difficult to treat disorders including problems with libido, appetite and tiredness. She collaborates with other specialties to help the patients with their problems.

She completed her training in endocrinology and diabetes in London at Barts and the London Hospital, as well as at Kings College Hospital and Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital. She undertook her specialty training in general/internal medicine at Medical University of Gdansk (Gdansk, Poland), Otto-von-Guericke University (Magdeburg, Germany) and Katharinen Hospital (Stuttgart, Germany). 

Professor Dworakowska worked as a Consultant Physician in Medicine and Endocrinology (locum) at Kings College Hospital (2012-2017) and as a Consultant in Endocrinology and Diabetes (locum) at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital (2013-2014). 

Professor Dworakowska speaks English, Polish, Russian and German. She has exceptional feedback from her patients and their families that she acts with dignity, empathy and respect, communicating information in a way everybody can follow. Having experience of working in several countries, she understands and appreciates cultural differences.

Professor Dworakowska has an extensive research portfolio in endocrine oncology and in Jan 2019 has received a title of professor of medicine. 

She is a Visiting Professor at Medical University of Gdansk, Poland and an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Cancer Studies at Kings College London. She has published a significant amount of original research papers, reviews and book chapters. She acts as a Fund Adviser for Kings College Hospital Charity ‘Endocrine Cancer Research Fund’. Charitable work is an important part of her practice. She has been awarded multiple international awards and fellowships including:

  • Foundation for Polish Science and European Union grants (pituitary and adrenal tumours)
  • The TOP 500 Innovators Programme in Oxford and Cambridge Universities
  • L’Oreal Poland for Women in Science award
  • Lyon’s club award Stefan Batory’s fellowships

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Special Interests

  • Endocrine Oncology (tumors of endocrine glands)
  • Gestational and Maternal endocrinology
  • Low libido
  • General Endocrinology
  • Tiredness 
  • Weight and appetite control
  • Pre-diabetes 
  • Irregular periods 
  • Reproductive disorders
  • Vitamin D Deficiency
  • Thyroid Problems
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Pituitary disorders
  • General Medicine
  • Prolactinoma
  • Gigantism
  • Andrology
  • Addison' Disease
  • Cushing's Syndrome
  • Adrenal Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Endocrine Hypertension
  • Hormone disorders (Male and Female)
  • Hyperlipidaemia
  • Parathyroid disease
  • Goitre
  • Graves' Disease



  • 1998 MD (Hons)
  • 2002 PhD
  • 2007 habilitation
  • 2005 specialty certificate in general/internal medicine
  • 2012 MRCP in Endocrinology and Diabetes
  • 2019 professor of medicine title 

Professional memberships:

  • Royal College of Physician (RCP)
  • British Society for Endocrinology
  • The Endocrine Society, ENDO USA
  • UK and Ireland Neuroendocrine Tumours Society (UKI-NETs)
  • European Neuroendocrine Tumours Society (ENETs)
  • Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD)
  • European Network of Studies for Adrenal Tumors (ENS@T) 
  • Polish Society for Endocrinology
  • Polish Society for Oncology
  • Polish Society for Internal Medicine



I have been visiting professor Dworakowska frequently for over a year. I am always very pleased with my experience. Professor Dworakowska takes such a wonderful care of me, explain things carefully and always give me complete answers to all ma questions. Definitely the best doctor I ever had.


I can recommend her enough! While she is very professional, she is warm and thoughtful. Her advice is always clear and easy to understand. It sounds strange, but I always look forward to seeing her. She is a wonderful doctor.


I have been visiting professor and doctor Dorota Dworakowska frequently for a few months due to my endocrine problems. And I must say that so far she is one of the best doctors I have ever met in my life! I'm very grateful to doctor Dorota. In a few words, she is not only a brilliant specialist with an overwhelming knowledge in her field and the medicine in general but also very supportive and empathetic person, who made me feel easy and in good hands. I can point out that doctor Dorota provides exceptional communication. Every time I had all the information in easy to follow form and during my consultations, I always had an understanding of what is going on and all the next steps and how exactly my endocrine system works. She always gave me complete answers to all my questions. She always was available to contact in case of any extra request from insurance\need of urgent actions. Also, doctor Dorota's communication is beyond amazing in cases of collaborating with specialists in related areas like cardiology, breast specialists and imaging. I find it very important as the endocrine system faults can cause multiple symptoms in other systems. With her fully informative letters and documentation, all other specialists were able to know the situation from the endocrine point of view and it saved a lot of time and, hopefully, helped to find the proper treatment. My case was pretty unusual and complicated and for a few years doctors were not able to find the underlying problem, but doctor Dorota found it very fast. And she communicated with the biggest specialist of the similar disease about my case. So, for sure, I always had the best possible care and the most relevant information. Absolutely recommend!


Professor Dworakowska is an exceptional practitioner in the field of endocrinology. She is highly detailed and methodological in her assessments and conveys diagnostic data in easy-to-understand form. She is an empathetic listener and explores all avenues to reach a definitive diagnosis. Her ongoing care is beyond reproach and she instills complete confidence from start to finish.