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Professor Sanjiv Jari
BSc (Hons), MB ChB, FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Tr & Orth), Ortho Sports Med Fellowship (Indiana University, USA)
Orthopaedic Surgery
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Specialises in

  • Knee problems and knee surgery
  • Advanced non surgical arthritis treatment including stem cell injections
  • Sports injuries
  • Personalised less invasive knee replacements
  • Keyhole surgery

I am Consultant Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Surgeon and an Honorary Professor at the University of Bolton. My interests include keyhole surgery of the knee and ankle, ligament reconstructive knee surgery, cartilage transplantation in sports injuries and early arthritis and knee-cap surgery. In addition to sports surgery, I have a large practice in arthritis surgery and specialise in minimally invasive total and half knee replacements, together with using advanced contemporary non-surgical arthritis treatments including stem cell injections.

I trained in London and Manchester, following which I worked in the USA for a year at a prestigious sports medicine clinic. I was a Sports Medicine Consultant to the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester and provided cover to the 2001 World Police and Fire Games in Indianapolis. I was also Medical Consultant to the USA Amateur Boxing Association. I currently have been Orthopaedic Surgeon to the Great British Olympic Wrestling squad. I also look after and work with many elite professional and international teams and athletes in various sports including rugby, football, netball and basketball.

My NHS practice (Salford Royal Hospital – University of Manchester Teaching Hospital) involves lower limb and trauma surgery. I have set-up a dedicated knee rehabilitation and triage service in conjunction with specialist therapists, which includes biomechanical ligament assessment using a KT-1000, a tool not generally available in the UK. 

I am an Honorary Senior Lecturer in orthopaedic and trauma surgery at the University of Manchester. I also am a national and international speaker on knee surgery and sports injuries. I have a number of ongoing research studies in various aspects of lower limb surgery. My research commitment has included supervision of post-graduate doctors undertaking higher degrees. I also regularly supervise medical students, sports rehab students and international medical students and Fellows. 

I have published a BSc Thesis, 19 peer-reviewed articles in a number of respected international journals, 17 abstracts following presentation of papers at various meetings around the world and a number of invited articles including book chapters. I have on-going research studies on various aspects of Orthopaedics and Trauma.

Professor Jari's consultation fees are charged as per the approved tariffs for all insurers. So if you are insured, the consultation fees are within the limits as agreed by your insurers. For self pay patients, the consultation fee for a new patient first appointment is £255 and for a follow up is £210. If you require any information about fees, please contact Professor Jari's office.

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Medical Procedures

  • Ankle surgery 
  • Arthroscopy 
  • Foot surgery 
  • Hip surgery 
  • Knee surgery 
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction
  • Customised knee replacement surgery
  • Robotic knee replacement surgery
  • Less invasive knee replacement surgery
  • Accelerated post surgery Rehab protocols
  • Knee arthroscopy
  • keyhole surgery of the knee
  • Knee ligament reconstruction
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction
  • meniscal repair
  • Cartilage regeneration / transplantation surgery 
  • Signature knee replacement surgery
  • Partial knee replacement surgery
  • Patella Realignment Surgery
  • Patellofemoral Joint replacement
  • steroid injections
  • Hyaluronic acid (Ostenil) injections
  • n-STRIDE APS injections
  • Stem cell knee injections for arthritis
  • Joint injections
  • Tibial tubercle transfer
  • Arthroscopy of Knee
  • Knee replacement
  • tendon ruptures - Knee
  • Patella tendon repair
  • Quadriceps tendon repair

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Special Interests

  • Orthopaedic surgery 
  • Sports injury 
  • Sports medicine 
  • Knee injuries
  • Knee surgery
  • Knee pain
  • Kneecap (Patella) dislocation
  • Keyhole surgery of the Knee
  • Knee Arthroscopy
  • Non surgical Arthritis treatment of the Knee
  • Surgical Arthritis treatment of the Knee
  • Knee replacement surgery
  • Signature Knee replacement surgery
  • Robotic Knee replacement surgery
  • Partial Knee replacement surgery
  • Cartilage regeneration / transplantation surgery
  • Stem cell knee injections for arthritis 
  • Knee ligament reconstruction
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction
  • Accelerated Post Op recovery protocols



Intercalated B.Sc (Hons) Anatomy - II.I,     1987

M.B.,Ch.B. (medical degree)                         1990

                        Honours in:    Surgery           1990

                                                Anatomy         1986

                                                Physiology      1986

                                                Biochemistry  1986

F.R.C.S. [England]                                        1994

F.R.C.S [Trauma & Orthopaedics]                1999

Knee & Sports Medicine Fellowship (USA) 2001 


  • British Trauma Society (BTS)
  • British Orthopaedic Sports Trauma Association (BOSTA)
  • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)
  • British Association of Surgery of the Knee (BASK)




I have no hesitation in recommending Professor Jari and the healthcare and physiotherapy team at Spire Manchester Hospital. Professor Jari performed a signature knee replacement on my left knee in February 2018. The operation was very successful and my recovery has been incredible. As an added bonus, Professor Jari re-aligned my lower left leg during the operation which had been at an angle of 22 degrees. I have gained 2cm and now walk tall and straight! As Professor jari will tell you, it is extremely important that you don't destroy all his good work and that you must follow the physiotherapy recommended by the staff there. I can honestly say that I did this and the results were incredible. The best compliment I can give is that after months and years of pain and walking strangely I am now pain free and have even taken up golf which I am enjoying tremendously. To say that Professor Jari changed my life is an understatement. I felt so emotional meeting him at the 6 weeks review and thanking him for everything that he had done for me. Even then he was modest enough to say that I played my part but without him there would have been no part to play. I have just had my 6 month review with Professor Jari and we are both very impressed with the progress so he has now signed me off. If I ever need my right knee replaced, I will have no hesitation in returning to the care of Professor Jari. He is easy to communicate with, very professional and clearly a dedicated and skillful surgeon.


To Professor Jari and all your team in theatre, with grateful thanks for all your kindness shown to me during my recent knee operation.


Dear Professor Jari, It is now some 7 months since my full knee and kneecap replacement op. Firstly I would like to say that from the first time I stood on my leg after the operation I was amazed at how quickly I recovered. After a few days I could weight-bear on it. Then the subsequent progress to walking on the leg. Even after a week I found myself forgetting my crutches. I must say that I followed my exercise regime rigidly and I am sure that I gained great benefit from building up the muscle-tone in both my legs. Equally I believe that the care and attention to detail you showed in the surgery meant that my knee was disturbed minimally so there was as little soreness as there could possibly be. The mechanical cushion you had set up for me under my knee in bed which bent my leg whilst just lying there and the excellent physio and advice given to me regarding exercises have all contributed to my quick and sound recovery My progress has continued and I went for my first walk, 1 Mile at 5 weeks after my op. I was staggered at my progress. From there I gradually worked my way up to 3 miles after 2 months, 4 miles - 4 months, 6 miles - 5 months. Since when I have stopped counting. May give you my utmost thanks for the wonderful job which you did for me. Very best regards,


I am a 68 year old lady and underwent a total knee replacement as an NHS patient on 7th March 2018 under the care of Professor Jari. I found Professor Jari to be a very particular and exacting surgeon. I followed all of his advice and had no complications throughout the healing process. I did all the prescribed exercises and although they were hard at first, I persevered and they got easier. I recently realised that my knee was not painful for the first time since I was 17. I cannot thank Professor Jari enough and think he is fabulous.


I was introduced to Professor Jari via a friend who has had previous knee surgery carried out by Professor Jari. Professor Jari was extremely professional and reassuring during Consultations – detailing options available to me, i.e. injections, procedures, physiotherapy following procedure, together with anticipated recovery periods. Everything explained to me in great detail – that I could understand! I would recommend Professor Jari to anyone who is experiencing problems with their knees – a caring, calming and understanding Consultant.


I first had problems with my right knee following a fall 3-4 years ago. Although this improved after intensive physiotherapy, it started to cause further problems in the winter of 2016 after another injury. As a 69 year old, very active and enthusiastic hill walker in the Lake District, I wanted to get the best possible advice. Professor Jari was highly recommended to me by my Physio who had observed some of his knee operations and also by another of his patients. From the first visit, a private appointment at the Spire Hospital, Manchester, I felt confident I had made the correct choice. I was diagnosed with a Torn Meniscus which needed to be confirmed by an MRI Scan. As I do not have Private Health Insurance, I transferred to the NHS for all further treatment. A Knee Arthroscopy was performed on 3rd March 2017 and what a difference this has made. I have been so impressed by the way everything was explained to me before deciding on surgery and also by the detailed notes given to be on the day of the operation, Afterwards, very clear diagrams of what he had actually done including tidying up arthritic areas were left for myself, nursing staff and also the Physiotherapy Dept. I cannot thank Professor Jari enough for his care and although I have now been discharged it is very re-assuring to know that he is always there if needed in the future. I am keeping up with the strengthening exercises as instructed and although still feeling stiffness round the back of my knee and up my calf, I have been able to do some walking in the hills with my very energetic Border Collie! Professor Jari has enabled me to return to what I love doing and I cannot thank him enough. I will certainly recommend him to anyone needing knee surgery.


With regards to the care I received my journey throughout was only positive; I met Professor Jari prior to surgery and having the procedure fully explained allayed any apprehension. The anaesthetic was very smooth and waking from surgery with minimal discomfort was reassuring. I would have no hesitation in recommending Professor Jari.


I attended the Spire Manchester on Friday the 9th March for a total knee replacement procedure by Prof’ Jari. I arrived at 7 am and left on Monday afternoon the 12th March. From start to finish I can’t speak highly enough of all the staff involved from, reception, to admission on the ward / room. The catering staff, cleaners, nurses, physio’s, etc were all very kind, pleasant and accommodating. The physio’s and nursing staff were excellent, very professional and efficient. Prof Jari performed a sterling job on my knee as well. I am just nine weeks into recovery and all is going really well. After just two weeks my physio said the knee mobility was far better than she would expect. I was off the stronger pain relief within two weeks, without the relief the pain was minimal, I’d say there was more discomfort than pain. The range of movement continued to improve and I was able to drive again after just 3 weeks. After eight weeks I was able to start using a static bike and do some swimming. I could walk unaided at eight weeks although with a bit of a limp as the minimal swelling still causes discomfort and restricts the full movement. The scaring is very neat and hardly visible. I am now at 9 weeks and delighted with my progress


I had a knee replacement carried out by Professor Jari in November lastyear. Previously, I had been in crippling pain even though I had had an arthroscopy which proved to be unsuccessful. It was decided that the best solution would be a knee replacement. The result has been life-changing. During my initial appointment, Professor Jari fully explained the process and sequence of events. The treatment and care provided at the Spire was excellent. Professor Jari was reassuring throughout and filled me with confidence that I could progress by following his advice on exercise and rehabilitation. I am now fully active and have resumed work and am looking forward to the future. Thanks to Professor Jari and all the staff at the Spire.


Professor Jari fitted me with a new knee in early April this year. The Hospital I opted for was the Alexandre at Cheadle and I have nothing but praise for the standard of care shown by all the team there. They were so caring and understanding, so much so that I wrote to the Hospital’s Director singing their praises generally and highlighting 4 members of staff who were “stars amongst stars”. Equally, I have nothing but praise for Professor Jari. I have total respect and appreciation for the professional way he has handled everything from the original consultation all the way through to the post-operative consultations. At 4 weeks I was able to cope with 1 crutch rather than 2 and at the same time to start walking around my home without any crutch at all. At the 6 week stage, I was able to pick up static cycling and using the cross-trainer in the gym at pre-operation intensity. I am now at the 8-week stage and am starting to get out in the open air without any crutches and gradually extending the distance walked. My knee is settling down well and the post-operative pain and swelling I expected was I believe kept to a minimum because of how professionally the operation was carried out. Professor Jari was objective in his opinions and gave me all the information I needed to reach a decision that I felt was right for me. To summarise, based on my experience I have zero hesitation in recommending Professor Jari to anyone who is considering a new knee. He is excellent.

Peer Recommendations

I have worked closely with Professor Jari for some years and jointly managed patients with both hip and knee pain. He is an excellent surgeon with very good outcomes and patient feedback.
For specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery
For conditions: Sports Injuries
For procedures: Knee Replacement
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